Update on Stacies surgery

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sh2angel, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Well I am sending this letter to let everyone know the update on Stacie.....Monday she had surgery on what was thought to be a rather small brain tumor and not a real big deal....Well that was then but she was in surgery for 6 and 1/ 2 hours it was much more involved then they thought. during the process they had to remove a vein in her brain that controls motor function I guess it was a tough decision for the surgeon..it was that or the vein that controls cognitive function. As a result of this she does not have use of her right leg and is being admitted into an Acute Rehab in hopes that they will be able to teach her to walk again. I am asking for everyone to send and keep sending prayers for her...as most of you know she is only 20 and will be 21 next month....she is staying strong and saying that she will not live in a wheel chair...that she will walk again...so we are holding positive thoughts......she has to work at developing a different part of her brain to take over for the part they removed... We do not have the biopsy reports as of yet....I will keep you posted as to any further news ......Shirley

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