Update on Stormy's Shake, and fog

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morningsonshine, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Just wanted to share my experience since starting the Shake about 6weeks ago.

    I'm always hesitant about saying something is helping me, cause it can be hard to tell. Sometimes we have good days, and sometimes bad regardless of what we take.

    But it really dose seem like i have more clarity in my mind, and i seem to FEEL like doing something more, even when i'm tired, or in pain.

    It took me awhile to adjust it to my taste, adding strawberries really helped me out. I like the fact that it makes me feel good after eating, it dosen't make me feel sick, or tired, or bloated, like regular food.

    I do have a hard time taking it first thing in the morning, i really like my toast and tea first, but i;m working on that. It was really hard to commit to this, because i'm a non routine person, but i tried to look at this as my medicine, no option, instead just food.

    Now, as for helping, the first 10 days, i had a bad head sinus thing going, so i couldn't tell, then i moved into the pms stuff, when everthing flares, but it seemed mentally, i handeled it better.

    After that, i've had alot of muscle, and back pain, major, more than normal, But mentally i did way better than i thought, no brain fog, and even tho i hurt, i still wanted to putter around and do things, more than when i have less pain, but major brain fog.

    So, anyways, to wrap this up, i though maybe this shake thing is working, then i ran out of ingredience, and couldn't get to the store for 4 days!!!!
    Major Brain Fog, hardly coping, depression! Read my other post on mental fog, mishaps!!!
    I've been back on the shake for 2 days, and already feeling clearer again, even tho i'm tired!!
    So, you be the judge! I think it's helping!
    I've also been way more regular. OOps did i say that!LOL

    Sorry this is sooo long!!!
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  2. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I will give it a try.

    The question I have is, has anyone been able to alleviate the PAIN with these homeopathics or just the fog and fatigue. I mean I'll do it just for that but I'm hoping to tackle my pain naturally too and that seems to be more difficult.

    OH! and what about emotionally? Any luck with homeopathic treatmenst for depression/anxiety?


  3. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I've never tried homepathics. I was so overhelmed by all the info. here on this board i didn't now what to do.
    So a decided to just start with one thing and go from there. The first thing i've done is to get an appointment with an LLMD for a igenex lymes test, then i choose The Shake, as a place i could start for myself.

    I'm saving other stuff from Mikie, and Stormyskyes, to slowly add in as i go.

    Baby steps alittle at a time.

    And i keep asking for prayer.

    I was diagnosed with CFIDS, and was in remission for 5 years, i went back to work part time, and have had a major crash, that was hard and fast, and now i'm getting more fibro like pain, than i've ever had.
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  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    When you started taking priobiotics did your pain get worse first, before, it got better?

    I've been adding priobiotics to the shake, and was wondering if it was causing the extra pain, because it was working at getting something out of my system?

    Just wondering.
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Yes, I definitely do. I get painful die off symptoms from some of the stronger probiotics and esp. from antifungals that really kill of yeasts. I also notice I get tremendous backpain when my yeast is really up, like every time I get a vaginal yeast infection, I recognize the severity of the backpain before I notice the vaginitis symptoms.

  6. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Thanks to both of you,

    It was my lower back that was really hurting, and right before my period too. But, everything else was really tight also, sometimes it feels like my bones hurt?

    I got my spirilina in the mail a couple days ago,
    I'll start adding that to my day.
  7. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I don't like to have the Morning Shake first thing in the morning either, so I don't. I have my buttermilk, then my tea, then my Morning Shake. It still seems to work.

    On chilly mornings, I microwave it to warm it up. This may not be a good idea if you are using undenatured whey.

    If I can ever take them both consistantly for a decent length of time, I think the Morning Shake and evening ZMA are going to be a good combination. Like you, I don't want to say anything too soon.
  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    How ya doing?
    I've been back drinking coffee again in the morning, i know it's a no-no for me, but i like the stuff, need to go back to the green tea!

    I don't use undenatured whey, i use sweet whey, by, Red Mill's. The way i understand it from Mikie, undenatured needs to be taken by itself, for the most benefit.

    I would like to add the ZMA also, dose it help? I've been taking a cheap walmart mag./zinc with cal. in the morning.

    Hows your CFS, do you get much pain, or is it mostly the fatigue, and brain fog, headaches, flu thing?

    I still love your name, i'm going to use it for a horse someday, if you don't mind!!
  9. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I’m doing so-so. The ZMA helps and I suspect it will do better when I take both it and the Morning Shake consistently. I have been spending a fair amount of time at my parents' farm. I haven’t even tried to do the Morning Shake there. My mother disapproves of herbal/natural supplements. She would probably also complain about the noise of the blender.

    Ironically, I am sometimes so tired, due to poor sleep quality, that I fall asleep before taking my bedtime meds, including the ZMA. I also don’t take it on the evenings before I have to get up and assist with literacy class in the morning. I am afraid I will sleep so soundly that I will not get awake.

    I don’t have a lot of pain and I’m not sure that what pain I do have is due to CFS. I have primarily fatigue and brain fog. Also some neurological deficit that exhibits as fumbling, dropping, stumbling and tripping. Just dropped food on a previously unblemished pair of shoes while getting supper this evening - suede ones, of course!

    I wouldn’t mind your naming a horse Little Bluestem at all. I think she should be a blue corn/roan or maybe a purple corn/roan. Bluestem grasses turn purplish in the fall.
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  10. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    Can you tell me what shake you are talking about, and if you know of anyone with sucess with it? Also, what is the Guai protocol? Thank YOU!
  11. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Hi, and welcome!
    Stormy is the one that can offer you the best help on the shake, she helped me and others get started.

    Do a search on the Guai protocol, and if you look for Mikie's post, she knows an awful lot, and has been here along time, and slowly getting better.

    P.S. it's helps the rest to get to know you if you fill out your bio, doesn't have to be long.

    Littlebluestem, tomorrow i'm going to move our conversation over to a new post, Okay? See ya later.
    I'm done for this day!
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  12. CountryRocker

    CountryRocker New Member

    A week on the candida diet isn't near enough. I was on it over a year. I took 8 billion NOW acidophillus each day and pretty much followed the diet except I left rice and raw sugar in my diet instead of taking it out.
    I'm not usually so strict about what I do in life, but I was pushed to my breaking point and had no place else to go but on the diet.
    I got to a point where I couldn't eat corn, wheat, or pork because it would seep into my gut and cause allergens...I think I have that right. It's been a few years since I did a lot of study on it. If you've ever read labels on food, you'll find that not being able to eat wheat and corn stops you from buying about 70% of anything in a grocery store. Corn syrup is in darn near everything. It gets hidden under other names also.
    Something I haven't seen mentioned is there are 2 tests for Candida. One is a blood test that gets sent off to a special lab, and the other is free and easy. First thing in the morning before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, spit into a glass of water. If you see legs coming down from the spit, chances are good you have a yeast overgrowth in your gut. Let it sit a half hour to 45 minutes to see the results of it. You can monitor your progress by using this spit test also. I haven't done it in a long time and tried it this morning and there are no legs coming down from it which is really good. I knew what the spit test would show though because I can eat the foods that I couldn't eat before and not have skin itching so bad that I want to claw myself. The first spit test I did a couple of years ago had long stringy legs coming from it so seeing no legs at all feels really good.
    I did a lot of research on yoghurt and found that even if it says it has live culture in it, it's not a guarantee. It all depends on the temperatures it's been kept at in transport, how long it took to get on the cold shelves, etc. If it gets over a certain temperature, the live cultures die.
    I was told to use the probiotics that are refrigerated because it's more stable, so that's why I chose the NOW product.
    With candida, your gut gets over run with bad bacteria. Taking the probiotics replaces the good bacteria that fights off the bad. A lot of doctors are now telling people that take antibiotics to take acidophillus 2 hours after they take the antibiotic to replace the good bacteria that the antibiotic kills. If you take them together, the antitiotic can kill off the probiotic so it's like not taking it at all.
    If you read some Candida sites, you'll see that some people also use a colon cleanse. That one wasn't for me so I never tried it and stuck to the Candida diet and probiotics. I got on a Candida list that helped a lot but some of the prominent posters could really go overboard so it was up to us to sift through the knowledge and do what we thought would work for us. I guess all of life is that way.
    I haven't noticed any difference in pain levels any way along the line in my fight with Candida.
  13. CountryRocker

    CountryRocker New Member

    In addition to the probiotic and Candida diet, I also ate a LOT of garlic. Garlic kills yeast and is good for your body. To eat the garlic, I would have it roasted and put it on broccoli...about 3 cloves of it at least 3 times a week, usually 4-5 times a week. I ate a heck of a lot of broccoli and garlic while on the Candida diet and people had no doubt I was eating garlic. Normally that would bother me, but my health was at stake so it was all ok and allowed me to continue. It's my understanding the garlic pills don't work as well as fresh garlic, so that's how I made my decisions on what to do. My doctor diagnosed me then said to go on the web and read up on it. The only thing she knew to do was use probiotics and the rest was up to me to learn.

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