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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sweetmia, May 16, 2003.

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    I am pleased to report that I have had excellent results from Strattera. I have been on this med for 6 weeks. I am presently taking 80 mgs per day. In addition to this I take 200 mgs of Provigil. At one point I was taking 600 mgs of Provigil and not getting the relief I have had with Strattera. Most likely I will eventually stop taking Provigil. My doctor has said from the beginning that I had a brain chemistry problem most likely caused by a viral infection (most likely EPV). The Strattera allows norepinephrine to stay in the brain longer. I no longer have dizziness, ringing in my ears and pain behind my ears;
    confusion, etc... And the most wonderful effect of Strattera is that I feel genuinely happy. I was never able to achieve a sense of well being and happiness with an anti-depressant. Some of the anti-dep made me feel worse. I am so grateful to my doctor (and to my husband who is also a physician who sent me to this doc) for finding the right combination for effective relief at this time.
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    So nice of you to acknowledge. I feel it is very important for us to share successes and failures in our treatment plans. There is so much trial and error in treating CFS, so it is helpful to share meds and treatments. Amy