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  1. 28years

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    I mentioned in a previous post that I had swollen joints. It started a few months ago and seems to be spreading rapidly. It started in my fingers. Now I have it in my shoulder, wrist and collarbone.

    I have swelling and pain, but no redness.

    I saw my doctor last week. She didn't know what it was. And referred me to a rheumatologist. I won't be seeing the rheumatologist until about the end of the month. And even then I probably won't get any answers right away, as I expect he will want to do a whole bunch of tests on me.

    I will let you know when I find out anything.

    Meanwhile, I know other people here have problems with swollen joints. Has anyone had been diagnosed?
  2. hensue

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    my ana test came back very very high! now they are doing a double stranded dna test and some other blood test. they will be sent to california and it takes a while.
    Are you still swollen around your collar bone?
    good luck i am sure if these come back positive next step rheumy hope they are negative!
    Good luck
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    Over the past month, I have seen two Rheumies. The first one was a "richard" and told me he thought I just needed more sleep. The second one, I saw Friday. She said she saw the swelling and ordered the x-rays (shoulder, wrists and hands). She also is running the ANA test for Lupus because my entire hands are swelling not just my joints. Be sure to get the ANA.

    Good Luck!
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    My friend was diagnosed with Lupus 7 years ago. She has been fortunate enough to have only suffered with joint pain, mostly in her hips, back and hands as well as fatigue. She started taking something after researching it and the Doctor/Scientist that formulated it. After only 4 short days, she was able to get out of bed without any joint pain! She used to start her day with 4 Advil and a glass of water and repeat that every 4-6 hours. She doesn't take any Advil anymore. She then introduced it to her Step Father who suffers from Arthritis/joint pain in his lower back, knees and shoulder. As an active man, his arthritis had taken over his life. He had not been able to exercise or golf as he had been doing in past months. Being retired and living on a golf course overlooking the fairway was quite depressing. After 5 days, he noticed less pain in his back. After day 6 he was able to start his exercise routine and even played a round of golf. Maybe this will work for you too. Dr. Keller M.D has been using this in his practice for the last ten years. He developed it for his patients and no one knows about it. Do you want me to get you some more information?