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  1. Christinawensell

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    We'll to say the just of it they did not give me the raise

    that I asked for. So I in turn gaev them my two weeks

    notice. I went on Thursday and applied for a position doing

    the same kind of work and they offered me 16 dollars an hour.

    I should be thrilled to death about getting more money, but

    all I seem to be is very scared. I have been here for so

    long, but I deserve more appreciation than they give to me.

    I was given a goinging away party on Friday and my boss said

    a little speech about how much she is going to miss me, etc.

    I truely believed it when I saw her crying. I never knew she

    actually had a heart. I talked to her a again before I left

    and it was not her that does not want to give the raise to

    me it is her boss. The woman is so selfish. She is thinking

    more about how it will affect her increase this year rather

    than how it is going to effect her department. The depart-

    ment runs on a usual 5 people and now there is only one. I

    do not see how they will be able to do it. The one gal

    that they do have has pnly been there for 3 weeks. I should

    not be concerned, especially how they have treated me, but

    I am.

    I would have stayed even if they would have only paid me a

    13 an hour instead of the 16 I will be making. I have put

    my heart and soul into that business. It is so hard to leave


    Please keep me in your prayers as I am struggling in new

    waters right now, and I am questioning my decisions. I know

    it is for the best, but it is so hard.


  2. 69mach1

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    you stuck by your guns so you have left w/high integrity...

    best wishes in your new job!

  3. kjfms

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    Christina...sure you are nervous it is a big change for you but change can be a good thing too.

    I have been following you posts about you job because I was in a similar situation years ago and it worked out for the best when I moved on and I am sure you will have success too.

    This new position will probably be easier on you in the long run because you won't being doing the work of 4 or 5 people...just you own (we hope) ;)

    Why I bet in no time your stress level will go down don't you?

    I am sure you will fall in to a routine in no time. Trust your decision and in yourself.

    It is a shame that you were not appreciated on this last job but that is their loss isn't it?

    Now when you get that first paycheck from your new job go out and buy yourself something frivolous just for the fun of it because you deserve it.

    Please try not to worry about so much it is good for you.

    Wishing you the best with your new job but I doubt you need it.

    Karen :)
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  4. IndianPrincess

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    I guess no one told them it takes MORE MONEY to train than it does to retain!