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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by spacee, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. spacee

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    Hello everyone! I had started back on Immune Transfer C and TF 4Life Advanced back in October 2005. At some point in time (can't remember when) I cut back to Immune Transfer C.

    I have rocked along fairly well despite alot of stress...mother passing, alot of work done on the house that has lasted for a year (boy, that is one slow worker!). My 21 y.old son being home for most of the summer.

    At this point I feel that I need to add back another TF. And have decided to try 4Life's Plus Advanced. 4Life's strongest "general" transfer factor. Will see how it goes. Hopefully well.

    Why did I chose that TF. Well, I had not tried 4Life's strongest general one and thought it was time to do so.


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  2. Pianowoman

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    Thanks. It's always good to get your perspective on the TFs . I'll be interested to hear how you do on the 4Life Plus Advanced. I had not considered that one.

  3. spacee

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    I was wondering if anyone read this board any longer. I haven't even received the TF yet so it will be awhile before I can tell any thing.


  4. spacee

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    So, I have "tweaked" what meds I have at home and have come up with something that has given me a little more umph.

    10 mgs Enada take with water 30 mins before breakfast.

    .12mgs of xanax taken whenever for brainfog. Doesn't work wonders but does help.

    1/4 ultram with one tylenol taken in afternoon a coule of hours before excercising.

    When REALLY need extra help (company here), I take all three together(daily about noon) and I can go about 3 days without a nap and feeling pretty good.

    When I travel I take Enada 10 mgs at lunch too and that helps make it thru the day plus Starbucks coffee in late afternoon.

    Uppers and downers..what can I say.


  5. Pianowoman

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    I don't always check this board but I'm glad I checked today. Your TF is certainly taking a while to come.
    Interesting about the Enada. I've never been sure whether it helps much. Sometimes I think it does and other times not. I have read that it takes about 2 weeks to work but many take it as you do. Anyway, I'm glad you have something that helps a little.

    I'm currently pulsing the Immune T C after taking it for about 3 months. I still get pain and fatigue for a short time so I guess it's doing something. I really need to take the one for HHV-6A but I need to work up my nerve and my budget!!

    I hope you get the 4Life soon.

  6. spacee

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    I was interested that you are pulsing the TF. I know that Mikie had good sucess doing that. What is you pulsing schedule?

    I decided to reread the article in the Library on TF C. I wish they had more specific advice.

    About all I got from it was that the memory was suppose to last 3 months. But, it didn't say how long to take the TF C. before you go into the 3 month "memory" stage.

    I would like to find this out to help reduce the yearly cost of taking it. So, I guess I will try to contact Chisholm Lab.

    I reread Dr. Ryser's info too. She said that patient's brainfog clears and they are able to exercise more. Hmm. No brainfog clearing for me. Darn!

    Hope you check back!!


  7. Pianowoman

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    I must admit that some of my info, although not all, has come from Mikie and others on the board. I have been pulsing 2-3 days every 4-6 weeks.

    I decided to do a little more research yesterday and now I'm more confused than ever! I did come across something that talked about a 3-5 month memory and suggested pulsing 1 week every 3 months. That may amount to almost the same as what I've been doing.

    What I'm not sure about, and this is your question, I think, is how long to take them initially. Generally, what I was reading was 6-12 months, although a lot of this was anecdotal. It did make me think, though, that perhaps I need to take them for longer than 3 months. I certainly have improved but I have a long way to go! As I mentioned, I think I need to take the one for HHV6-A as well. I've read that it is the most virulent.

    I have been tested in the usual way ( not the PCR testing) and am postive for EBV, CMV, AND HHV-6. It seems that the A strain of HHV-6 is fairly new and there isn't any cheap test available to differentiate the two.

    My Doctor has been treating CFS/FM for about 12 years but has doesn't know a lot about TFs, although she is willing to monitor me. I have also tried some herbal antivirals but I'm really on my own as to how long to take them.

    I read the Ryser stuff too. My fog comes and goes as does my exercise tolerance!

    If you contact the Chisholm lab, I'd be interested in what they have to say.

  8. spacee

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    I am almost positive that I read somewhere a long time ago that a person would have improvement for up to a year. Now I can't find that anywhere.

    Also, I can't find the city/town the lab is in. Sigh! I think they are all concerned about the FDA and don't put much info on the internet. Immunity Today has a letter from the FDA posted. Yep, I know what you mean about the HHV6A. I was tested about15 years ago and they didn't say A or B back then.

    I used to take B-12 shots with the Kutapressin (addresses similar viruses as TF C). Sometimes I "crave a shot of it". If that makes sense. At my next appt (not for 5 months) I am going to have my B-12's tested. My sis has definitely had low B-12s. I used to get the really strong B-12 at a compounding pharmacy. So, there might be something going on beside a virus.

    I will let you know if I find out anything. Other than that I guess I will try pulsing about the middle of Sept. And see how it goes!!

    PS. I have my contact lens in and can't see squat. lol
  9. Mikie

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    But I think my info on the pusling came from Dr. Brewer who uses it in his practice. It's been so long ago that I can't remember for sure. I do know that every six weeks when I pulse the TF's for a couple of days, I do Herx. Over time, the Herxes have generally gotten easier. Every now and then, though, I'll Herx pretty hard.

    TF's have been around for a while but not widely used. I think we are all feeling our way around with them. I continue to improve using this schedule, so I guess I'll continue on it. A week every three months would likely work as well. I've had a rough time since Easter due to the continuing outbreaks of Red Tide down here. It is very toxic and I am allergic to it. It causes respiratory problems which can lead to bronchitis and costo. It is also a neurotoxin. Huge mantees are killed because they eat the spores which cling to sea grass. It's nasty stuff.

    When I get run down with anything, the old pathogens try to reactivate. That's where the TF's and my Doxy come in handy. If the Doxy ever fails me, I will get the TF for mycoplasmas.

    I haven't been here in ages. Glad I stopped by.

    Love, Mikie

  10. deliarose

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    i just saw Dr Brewer..and he put me on ImmuneCare 64.

    I have to check back in a couple of months.. but he doesn't seem to go with the pulsing thing.

    My impression is that I will be on a daily regimen of TFs for at least 6 months.. possibly a year..

  11. Mikie

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    The immunity from the TF's isn't permanent so unless one can completely erradicate the pathogens, it is necessary to pulse them once one quits taking them on a daily basis. If one is concurrently building up the immune system, it might be possible to stop the TF's when the immune system gets stronger. Still, these stealth pathogens are very wily and fly below the immune system's radar. That is why one usually takes the TF's in the first place. It's been a couple of years now that I pulse them and I usually Herx every tiem. To me, that says that pulsing is an effective way to treat using the TF's.

    Of course, Dr Brewer is an expert and if he believes pulsing isn't necessary, he probably knows best.

    Love, Mikie