update on the ambien vs trazadone

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    hi remember me and my question? in jan. i was asking which sleep aid is better to take.

    i want to let all the responders know that i tried them both, and didnt like either of them. i hallucinated on the ambien ( in spite of that , it didnt even give me good sleep) and i got awful shooting pains in my foot on the trazadone. and that didnt knock me out either. due to the shooting pains i stopped it immediately.

    so went back to my primary and he upped the dose of lunesta to 3 mil. and on my own i add .05 lorazapam. for now that is working. not great, but working.

    im sure sooner or later i will have to try the zyrem. but will wait on that, until the lunesta stops altogether.

    wishing better sleep for all of us.


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    I suffer from lack of sleep a lot. If I have pain closer to bedtime I'm forced to take a tramadol so that means I can't take a sleep aid. The pharmacist said I need to wait 4 hrs. to take anything for sleep. BUT......recently on this board people talked about Peaceful Nights from prohealth so I bought it. I've been taking 3 mg. melatonin, l peaceful nights (4 is recommended) and 5 HTP (l00 mg). The 5 HTP was recommended on Dr. Oz program a few weeks ago for sleep.

    I used to take the ambien (l/3 of a tablet) but still felt hung over in the morning. Then advil PM did the trick for me, but after about 6 nights I felt hung over again. I've also tried benedryl.....felt strange.

    And if you drink anything with caffeine, make sure you stop by 3 PM....and no chocolate.
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    I was diagosed with fibro almost 5 years ago. I went to a rheumetogist. I told him about the insomnia and the pain. He gave me Ambien/zolpidem and tramadol. I was wonderful be able to sleep. I thought my life had new meaning. About 2 1/2 years later I broke my foot causing a major flare up. He gave me lortab and put me on baclofen for better sleep. Once the flare ended I stopped the lortab but not the baclofen. For at least the last year, I have been hurting so bad. I would take a 1/2 a pill more of the ambien when I was afraid I wouldn't sleep. I was always anxious so I didn't run out before I could refill. I was so afraid that if I didn't sleep I would hurt more. I would take 2 tramadol at every 4 hours because I would always start hurting right before that 4 hrs came. I had no energy. I could not function at all.

    That being said, about 2 weeks ago I ran out of my prescription of ambien on a friday and it would not be refilled until monday. I told myself I was so sick of living my life around ambien. Not being able to take a nap if I was tired. Struggling with what would happen if my husband was not home and I took it what if something happened and I could not take care of my daughter. So I stopped cold turkey (something they do not recommend you do). I was going to suffer what ever pain was neccessary to do it. The first few days were real hard. Cold sweats, shakes, I felt like a drug addict in withdraw. I didn't sleep but maybe a couple of hours for about 3 nights BUT what I felt was less pain. I was real tired but I did not hurt as much. As much as 75% less. About 5 days into I was up at 6am, showered by 8am and cleaning my house like I was a teenager (not that they would clean) but I didn't have to stop and rest. My dry eyes weren't dry anymore, no more bad dry mouth, I could breathe better, my face and nose would get real red and hot at night - no more. As the days went by the shaking and sweating was getting better. My skin almost tingled. It was like I felt this incredible high. I only had to take 2 tramadol twice a day because I did not hurt as much. I know it sounds crazy. So I went to a doctor I had seen before for other issues.

    He explained that what I was feeling was not being drugged. I had been walking around like some zombie for almost 5 years! There are so many symptoms that they don't tell you about the ambien. Like for example short term memory loss. I thought for years it was fibro fog. Not the case. Long term use of Ambien. It is not suppose to be used for long term use. If you need something take Lunesta or Rozerem. The doctor told me that all my senses were going to be on super sensitive. I would smell things stronger, my touch would be different when touching things, cry easier and laugh harder. He said this is what normal people feel. I have not been feeling at all with ambien. I have wasted 5 years of my life. Not being a good mother or wife or friend.

    The doctor gave me a plan to ween of the baclofen. I do take 10mg of amitryptoline. I can go to bed still awake and fall asleep and get between 4-7 hrs of sleep. I go back in 5 weeks to check back in with him and go from there. He told me the withdraw symptoms although ambien is physically out after 48 hrs. can take 4-6 weeks for your body to return to normal. He did say that some people can experience them for up to 6 months. I know there are people out there that desperately need to sleep. I have been there too. But knowing how I feel now compared to 5 years of hell I put my family through, I would rather do anything else. I want to feel alive, hurting or not. If there is anyone out there that I can convince to never put ambien in their mouth then the 5 years will have been worth it.

    This doctor also explained to me that the research shows that we have a genetic marker that shows we are carry fibro. He said there is no reason to take it. They have discovered that there is a chemical imbalance of some sort that does not allow your brain to signal to your muscles to relax when you sleep. That is where the pain comes from. Also he told me it is also possible that your body can "burn it out". Meaning the fibro is gone. This is something the rheumy never ever told me.
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    thank you all for the comments. yes jam ive taken many alternative and natural sleep aids over the years.. many of them worked, but not for long. in fact maybe only for a wk or so. you name it ive been on it, valerian, lemon balm, melatonin, hops, etc etc. doc teitlebaum, the guru of cfs , his sleep aid was the worst. didnt even work for one night. gaba and l triptophan worked, but only for a very short while. i still take the chewable gaba once in a while, when i get up in the middle of the nite and cant fall back to sleep. it works that way.

    fibro sleep , sold here at ph., worked but only for one wk. then stopped

    right at the moment im still doing ok with the lunesta and the lorazapam. and small dose of melatonin. but the melatonin , if i take it too long gets me sick the next day.

    this sleep issue , is a real dilemma.

    thanks all for the responses.

    hugs joanie
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    Try a wholemeal bread and skimmed cream cheese sandwich and with a tomato and a banana. The carbohydrates provide sleep fuel and antioxidants, whilst the cream cheese provides a natural form of calcium. Eat about 3 hours prior to going to bed. Then take 500mg of slow release Valerian 30 mins prior to sleep onset.
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    I have used several sleep meds including ambian and trazadone for 10 - 12 years. I finally went off prescription sleep meds and zoloft and started using supplements. I totally agree that sleeping meds were not intended for long term use as mentioned above. The long term side effects can cause so many problems that are similar to fibromylgia. Brain fog, depression, muscle stiffness and pain and so on. Since going off the meds, I have been feeling so much better. I still have pain on stressful days and still have sleepless nights occasionaly, but these days and nights are much more manageable. I take 5hpt, GABA, Fribro Sleep by PH at night for sleep. I take fibro freedom by PH, vit D and C, a fibro multi vitamin by PH, Omega 3 and CQ10 during the day. Also, l-theanine for anxiety in late afternoon.

    All of the supplements have been giving me a lot more energy and now I am able to cook and prepare more healthy foods. I am currently trying the Paleo diet which is gluetin and dairy free eating. Just started the 30 day cleanse. So far so good. As I eat better I am hoping to cut back on some of the supplements as they can be expensive.

    I am so sorry that you have not found a supplemet that has worked for you. You may want to try more GABA and less Lunesta. I don't know how many mgs you are using for sleep. You can use up to 1400 mg of GABA at night. I read a post here that said they used 1700 mgs at night.

    Hopefully, the combination will help you lower the lunesta amount. Good luck to you!
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    thanks for your responses. i will try both. altho i cant try the cream cheese (altho i absolutely love it) as i very lactose intolerant. i can only take 200 mil of the gaba , as any more bothers my ibs. so far i only use the gaba whenever i wake in the middle of the night, and cant go back to sleep, which is not often tg. i hate to fool around with a protocol when it is working.

    the best natural sleep med i found that works wonderfully, and its kinda new i think was the midnite. it gave me good 8 hr sleep. but the next day, i felt sick, and i didnt put two and two together until i was on it for about 2 wks. then it hit me. and i stopped it, sure enough the sick , weak feeling went away. i went to the girl that sold it to me in vitamin shoppe. they are very knowledgeable about supplements, and she thought it was the valerian in it. i thought it might have been the lemon balm. as i dont remember ever taking lemon balm. so i suspected that.

    to tell you the truth i always have problems with herbs. they either bother the ibs or make me zonked out fuzzy head.

    i will try the valerian and see what happens. cause the side effects are not serious, they just set me back a day or two.

    thank you so much, for all the feedback.

    hugs , joanierav