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    I saw my family doctor on Friday. He is so nice!!!! He explained that my thyroid is "over-functioning" - somehow the Armour Thyroid made it produce too much thyroid hormone, which made my thyroid think it had too much, thus actually slowing down. So he switched me to Synthroid and hopefully that will regulate me. I hope it also helps me to lose weight. I've been feeling so crappy lately. As soon as I left his office I drove right to my GYN's office to talk to her about going back on hormones. I have an appt. tomorrow (Monday). I'm sick of feeling awful all the time. I wake up with headaches every day, am nauseous most of the time and just generally feel terrible! I don't know if this is age-related or not (I'm 52 1/2). What a bunch of crap!!!!

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    Im glad your docter was keen on what was going on and that you are switching the hormones accordingly. yay! I think anytime the thyroid is off-kilter it would absolutely make you feel crappy.

    Maybe this will bring enough relief so that you won't have to go back on the hormones. I hope you feel better soon!

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    Am glad you may be getting some things done to make you feel better.I haven't gotten back to you after mt appt. with Dr. Thornberry.You were right,she is Great! Thanks so much for the referral.Hope you read my posts on her finding nodules on my thyroid.Am hoping the tests she ordered for this week show some things that may explain my weight gain and sluggish feelings.I am praying for both of us. tinaeve