update on treatment for wilsons syndrome

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    i posted awhile back about having consistently low body temperature which could be a thyroid condition called wilsons syndrome(more info at wilsonsyndrome(dot com)..i am 25 and have had chronic fatigue for 7 or 8 years..ive been to several doctors and nothing has helped..i found a doctor who thinks i may have this condition..he made me record my body temperature 3 times a day and find the daily average..my temperature was low(97.8) so he decided to put me on T-3 thyroid hormone replacement..i started treatment on wednesday and feel a little bit better but i caught a bad cold on thursday so any positive results are hard to tell..my mom also has been fatigued for 30 years or so and is treated by the same doctor..she has been on t-3 therapy since yesterday and has had no positive changes..im still optimistic because the medication may take a few weeks to work
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