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    I last wrote about pain in my shoulder and ribs, That went away on it's own. Then thanks to my DH haiving a juncky cough for over a month I started to get sick as well.

    I called my doctor 's office who got me in on Friday about two weeks ago, I had a bad sore throat and was tested for strep thankfully I did not have it. But i had a cough that kept getting worse, my GP wrote a script for a Z-pack but asked me to wait the weekend to see if my own immune system would kick in a work like it should.

    By Monday I was coughing up junk from deep in my lungs and called the nurse , who told me to take the z-pack so I didn't get worse. My doctor has a hard time with me when I get sick, due to the serious illness I had last december he is wary of not treating me with an antibiotic but does not want to over prescribe them to me. AFter having septic penumonia and not having any perement lung damage I am blessed and lucky. It could have been so much worse.

    My cough is sitll hanging around and is not leaving any atime soon I think, thankfully it is not getting worse and I am feeling better.

    Except for the fibro and CMP, I don't know if the bronchitis I had assisted in my current flare or is it the changes in our weather systems. WE have gone from warm sunny days to cold wet , rainy , snowy days, { snow melts fast} and then we get more rain , winds and it is a nasty cycle the weather pattern we are in .

    Today I have ached so badly I wanted to scream and cry not that it would do any good or make me feel any better. Now it is almost time for hubby to get up for work and I am still awake as my legs, hoips , back, body just ache more than usual and instead of being able to sleep I have dozed off and on all night. I am so tired but can't lay on the bed and sleep , I have gone to bed several times tonight feeling so sleepy that i can't walk staright but as soon as I lay down my eye's open and I am wide awake.

    So I stay in bed for a while and toss and turn till I know I am waking up my hubby, so I get up and sit in my recliner and doze again and again.
    How I would love ot have a good nights sleep and sleep all night in a deep sleep but I don't do that, so I am exhusted all the time and am sleep deprived.

    Thankfully my cough is getting better and I am no longer coughing up my lungs.
    I really didn't understand how weak my immune system really is after that bout of septic penumonia. I felt much worse this time than I did wwwen I had it and was in ICU. Some one wrote that with pneumonia you have a fever, I did not have a fever ever and I didn't have one this time either. I guess that makes me abby-normal.

    When I had the septic penumonia I really didn't feel all that sick, while this last time having bronchitis I felt really sick and lost my voice and coughed so hard my whole body ached. I have learned that what most people do when they get a bad illness that could have reactions I don't do the usual tihngs that most would suppect, Like running a fever ,chills, coughing my lungs up, { altho I did that with the bronchitis I am getting over but still no fever}. I was so terrified to be in the ICU when I had the septic penumonia and I worried about maybe having a heart condititon, thankfully after having two EKG's my heart looks great and my liver function is back to normal.

    This year has started out to be really emotional and painfull for me. My Mom passed away in Feb after being in teh nursing home on hospice for 9 days. Getting thru all the BS from my siblings made my fibro flare and my irratation at my iidiot brother soar, but there is not much I can do wiht my family and hopefully in a few weeks we will have every thing taken care of with mom[s estate and hopefully a little bit of money to help pay my bills and maybe save up for some dental work too.

    I wrote about how hard it is to pay for this hospital bill. I finally set up a payment plan and that takes about $50.00 a month, I have requseted a assistance form as I do not have the money to pay this bill and several others.. This time I may qualify for some assistance as my husband is not on my account or on my insurnace which is medicare. I am going to fill out hte form with out his income as he does not pay for my medcial bills. We had thought that maybe there would be enough money in our tax return to pay the hospital bill but there is not due to his having to catch up on his insulin and dibetic supplies for his pump. his insurnace does not pay for his pump suppiies so they had to be bought and paid for.

    When i get the assistance forms my DH will not be mentioned on the forms as this is my bill and he is not mentioned on it. I am hopeing that when I fill out the forms and copy what I get yearly from SSDI that they hospital may write some or iif I am lucky write all of it off. If not then I will scrimp by adn pay it for the next year.

    I am so tired of feeling so sleepy that I just doze off , i really hate when that happens, I try to breathe deeply so I don't feel so sleepy and some times it helps. but not all the time.

    I have some good news that makes me smile two of my three girls are expecting babies six weeks apart from each other. ONe was planned and she is due in August around the 2nd. daughter #2 has a two and 1/2 year old son so it will be interetsing to see how he will react to a new baby when he hads had mommies sole attention for the past two years.

    The youngest daughter who has told me that she was done having babies, found out that some times even when you use birthcontrol you still get pregant. So she is 28 yrs old and expecting her 4th baby. She has an 8 yr old son , a six yr old daughter, and a two and 1/2 yr old daughter. This will make baby # 4, my daughter is hoping for a boy as she already has two girls and one son so it would be nice to have another boy. but she iwll acept what ever she gets and is praying every thing will go great and baby will be healthy. She may not be thrilled if it should be another girl but she will love it just the same. She says it is not time for hubby to get some peremment birthcontrol done while she is still pregant and that way he will be all better and will able to shoot blanks. she would flip out if she got preggers with a surprize baby #5. My youngest granddaughter is a velco child she is always attached to her mommy and it will be a huge surprise for her when mommy brings home a new baby and she is not the cewnter of mommies attetion any more. It will be interesting for both little two year olds. But I am excited about the new grandbabies that are coimming..

    The thing that worries me is that I cna't get on the fl oor to plah with the littles as my knee's are old and don't work right
    I want to be a help to both daughters as much as I can. So since I am only 20 minutes from one daughter and 30 minutes from the other I will be able to go over and help them when I am needed.

    I am how ever sick of my fibro and wish it would leave me alone adn not make me ache all over and have buring pains in my lges and hips. I feel like I have been flattened by a rollor coaster , a freight train and a mack truck all at the the same time. I also feel like I have been pulled threw a knot hole back wards. I am so sick of the pain, aches and buring , sharp muscle pain that I have all the time. Fibro is not an easy illness to deal with and I don't know what to do when I see my rehumey this week. I can't have the shots in my knee's as they only make hte pain worse and I cant walk for a few weeks with out crutches. I am one of those peole who have many sennnsities to so many meds my doctors have wanted me to take over the years.IF there is a strange reaction, unusal side effect I will get it;. I have checmial sensitives and they extend to meds as well. I have reduced my apin meds as the hydddromophone does not really help so I asked to haev it reduced to just 60 pills a month. i wish that I could up the soma as it ease the pain , and relaxs my muscles which helps me to relax as well.

    I wanted to thank you all for your love adn support , kindness and great thoughts during this time of great sadness;'s that I have been thru early in the year. I could not have gotten threw this with out your thoughts and prayers. Thank youf or supporting me during this hard time in my life.
    I am feeling better and I thank you for your prayers.
    God bless you all .
    HUgs to all.
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    Good to hear from you Rosemarie,

    I totally understand how these crazy weather patterns affect us. Where I live we've had lots of rain & stormy weather. Thankfully no snow. My lower back & my left hip has been hurting me alot too. Today the sun is shining and it feels a little better.

    Take care of yourself,
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    I hope you're feeling better now. Maybe the weather will settle down soon and spring/summer will take over.

    My daughter and dil had babies (boys) one month apart and it was so nice having two little ones in the family at the same time. Thay was 24 year ago! I can't believe how the time has flown by.

    I wasn't as ill then as I am now even though I had the CFS/FM for 10 years at the time. My husband and I were able to baby sit a little.

    Take care and be good to yourself. Hugs, GB66
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    Leah, Freida, and Beadlady thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions. It helps me just knowing that some one some where understands and believes in me nad what I am going thru as you are going thru it as well. You all mean a great deal to me , thanks for letting me vent to you.

    I saw my rehumy and what a waste of time and money as he did nothing at all. Not even examine me. All he is concerned with is when am I going to get my knee's replaced and why not do it now. I don't have the money for it and even if my DH would help out iwth my medical bills we still don't have the money for it and to still pay for the last hospital bill. I have asked him to drop it as I don't need the added stress of him telling me wh at he thinks of my husband. My husband is not perfect far from it and while he does not support me in paying my medical bills he does support me every other way , I have a nice home and food to eat, gas in my car and he pay s the insurance so he does support me alot.

    I need dto stop griping about the one thing he does not give me support my medical bills and dental bils. He works hard and he too has medical bills that his own insurance does not conver like his insulin pump and supplies. he is just not gotten his pharmacy deductalbe to pay for his insulin and still it is expensive . So he too struggles with how to pay all the other bills.

    I get so frusterated with him for not helping me out htat I don't see all the things he does for me, he bought me rose's for no reason last week , I Love rose's and it was so sweet of him to do.

    There was a question that my rehumy asked me that I am upset about. "Why does your husband not support you in all things?" It is not his business and I wish he would stick to the point of why I am there to get some assistance with my fibro and oesteoarithritis pain. Not to hound me about getting my knee's replaced it is not even his speciality. Why can't he just accept that it is not going to happen now and let it go and even try some thing else like injections again, allltho I am terrified of them and afaird that they will hurt my knee's even more and not really help at all in easing the pain.

    I did not answer the question as it is not his business., I have not said that there are other reasons I don't want to have surgery again. I am terrified of haivng surgery, the last two times I have had to have surgery I had some really nasty experence's that have left me scared and terrified. i cna't even explain to you why I am so terrified about surgery but I am and I can't copy wiht it now or in the near future.

    He asked me how my MOm waS doing and I said didn't your girls tell you that MOm passed away on Feb. 2nd? he replied with " did she really? is he just deaf or just not paying attention to me. so I replied" I just like telling everyone that she died, and yes she did die over a month ago."

    I know that I have to find a way to pay for my bills and to not gripe about DH not helping me with bills. I don't know how I am going to do it but I am not going to complain aobut it any more as it only stress's me out and is not worth the added discomfort.

    The weather is just strange here , we have nice warm sunny days and then every few weeks we get wind and rain showers for three to five days and the wind is really cold, and htat makes me ache even more than usual. I wish I could get threw to my daughter that walking around wal mart is not getting exercise but very pain full for me. Yes I need the exericse and I know it ,but walking around the store is not fun for me and only makes my muscle ache more and not get stronger.. The fibro part she does not understnad and she does not really understand gthat when you walk with bone grinding on bone it hurts and it is not exericse. But because I love her and don't want to listen to her g ripe at me I will walk instead of usuing the electric carts { when they have them}.

    Now for some good news Both daughters learned that they are having boys, So for my middle dauighter she is having boy # 2 she already has a 2 and a half year old son.
    and my youngest is also having a boy, She has a son who is 8 yrs old , a daughter who is 6 yrs old and another daughter who is 2 yrs old and she wanted a boy to round out the family. She is my my baby girl and we talk alot every day and we are colse and she askes me for adivese and just mainly to love and support her. She had said htat the last baby was it she was done , no more babies as she already had 3 kids and suprise she is having baby #4 six weeks after her sister has her second baby. I am looking for ward to the new grandbabies and I just love the other grandkids so much. They just love being nanna to them all.

    While my life is often flled with pain there is also much joy and happiness in it as well. I am blessed to have a husband who loves me and helps me in his own way. I have my issues about how and what he helps me with I still love him and he really does alot for and really does support me to the best of his ablitity.

    Thank you all for your support,