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    I have posted elsewhere but here goes. Pain doc was wonderful even recommended I do the Shake...I felt like saying "Are you Stormskye?"

    He was a sweetie for sure. He dxd FM and MPS and will start manipulation next week after he has me revved up on the shake and other nutritionals. He warned me NOT to take elevail with my heart issues BTW so glad I have only taken then off and on(I also gained 7lb in less than 3 weeks on it)So Wake you were right on there.

    He says he likes to do trigger injections using Sarapin and he also mentioned numbing area with Lidocaine, so I would be grateful for feedback on those, though they are "in reserve"/ He likes Tizanadine for FM and MPS by the Way.

    So more good doctors, I cannot believe it. He was a doll too-dresed in blue jeans that relaxed me straight away.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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