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  1. bandwoman

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    Thanks again for all of your prayers. I do so much appreciate all of you and your support. I had a pretty rough day but I am feeling somewhat better tonight.

    I graduated from liquids to some jello and then some toast tonight and so far have kept it down.

    Bad news is my mom is vomiting now. I was worried that she would get this. I am going to have to feel better to take care of her now.

    She started in tonight so it is going to be a long night for her I am afraid. I would like her to see if she can get some meds early on and maybe not have to go through what I did.

    Please continue to pray for us. Thanks again.

  2. caffey

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    The fact that you can get jello down is amazing. Personally I think it should be banned. Thank you Lord for what you have done in Nancy's body. Now Father please have mercy on her mom and reach down and heal her. Please blow this virus out of the house and breathe Your life all the way through it. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.
    Love ya