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    Just one last thank you to all of you for your prayers and good wishes. The doc was very pleased bacause the surgery has stopped the sick gb symptoms. Ninety percent of the time, the surgery works when one's gb has just stopped working but has no stones. He was worried I'd be one of the 10 percent and was so glad that the symptoms are gone. So am I. He said the gb was very inflammed and that it had probably been making me feel so sick.

    I can resume normal activities in another week. I've lost 11 pounds and want to get back to water aerobics to try to lose more weight and get my stomach toned up, if possible. My stomach was so bloated before the surgery that I looked like I had swallowed a beach ball. Now, the skin just hangs. Not a pretty sight. But I digress...

    I've been slowly eating more normally and my digestion has returned to normal as well. Yesterday, I decided to put it to the test. I made some hot Cajun seafood gumbo with andouille sausages, corn coblets, scallops, crab, and shrimp. It was soooooooo good and caused no problems at all.

    I am still on the Doxycycline as the mycoplasma infection took this opportunity to try to reactivate but the drug has just about beaten the infection back into latency. I still get tired but yesterday, I was out running around most of the day. I am already much, much better. My SIL had to have an emergency appendectomy and he experienced the same thing. He hadn't realized how much the inflammed appendix had been sapping his strength. He just ran a half-marathon two months post-op and he said he could have kept on running. He hasn't felt this good in ages.

    Again, thank you all. Your prayers for me were answered. I keep all of you in my prayers every day.

    Love, Mikie

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    It's great that you're doing so well post-op. What a relief to get one more hindrance out of the way. Not to mention the added bonus of weightloss.

    Your description of that lovely gumbo made my mouth water!



  3. alaska3355

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    What time is dinner?
    Glad you are feeling better and the symptoms are gone....take care! Terri
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    Boy, that gumbo was a big test...you're ready for anything now! But don't get carried away, and stay well.
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    So glad to hear things are going so well for you! After I had my gall bladder out I felt sooo much better and the eating picked right back up again. Did you have the lap surgery done? I did and it was jsut three cuts - one in the belly button - and they are all small scars now.

    Hugs ~ Toni
  6. MamaDove

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    May I join you in water aerobics hon?

    I just came home from the hospital yesterday and am in sad shape...My belly was so swollen and infected and we think what I had was a Crohn's attack, but hubby and I think we are missing something...He is trying to help me get back my strength so we can wage a war, collect all the facts from the tests I had and find someone to help give me a better direction to get my health back...

    While in my bed for 6 days, 3 young woman came in for gall bladder surgeries in the bed next to me...they suffered so waiting for docs to decide to rest them and give pain meds or go for surgery...I am still amazed how people allow docs and nurses to dictate their care, these women didnt have a clue what was happening...and their families were oblivious...i dunno where i am going with this...tehe...i am so drugged up still, it's terrible...

    i am glad this is over for you and you can begin to heal without that lil ugly bugger in you...i was glad when they sucked mine out, mine almost killed me, i waited a lil too long...

    love to you, let us know how the belly exercises go, they are sending me to pt to help me regain my ab strength...for an ex-gymnast, i look pretty sad...i wish you strength to get back in shape...
  7. Mikie

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    Eileen, Terri, Toni, Bluewing, and everyone else, thanks again for your sweet words. I really appreciate the support. Y'all have no idea how much it meant as I was going through the illness, tests, and, finally, the surgery itself.

    TwinMa, for several years now, from time to time, I would get what felt like a Charley Horse just under my right breast. As time went on, these episodes became more severe and closer together. Still, I just thought it was a muscle spasm because we do have them. About six months ago, at Easter, we started having Red Tide outbreaks and we've been having them ever since. We are having one now and I'm tired, choaking, and sneezing. I'm allergic to the Red Tide and it causes some neurological and respiratory symptoms. It's a neurotoxin which kills sea life. Dead fish wash ashore when we have the outbreaks and they even kill Manatees.

    I just assumed the increase in Red Tide outbreaks was causing bronchitis. I also assumed the fevers were from the bronchitis and the mycoplasmas trying to reactivate. The pain shooting out my right shoulder blade in the back I attributed to costo chondritis. Costo will often accompany bronchial problems. Honestly, I think the gb was making me sick and the Red Tide just made things worse.

    Eventually, in addition to these symptoms, I started having more and more pain in the stomach area from the middle to the right side. I just felt sick and knew something was wrong. I saw my PCP and he sent me for an ultrasound, which was negative--no stones and it wasn't enlarged. He sent me to my gastro doc and he did blood work which showed an abnormality in one liver enzyme, which supports the gb theory. He scheduled an endoscopy and temporarily diagnosed me with acid reflux. He had found some healing lesions in the esophagus and my stomach was slightly inflammed.

    He also ran a nuclear medicine scan in which I was given a radioactive isotope by IV. Then, they watched and took digital images of the gb as it filled. They administered some kind of med which is supposed to cause the gb to pump out its contents. They watch this on a monitor and, again, take pictures. From these images, the computer computes a ratio which is used to diagnose a sick gb. I think normal is 30-35 and mine was 6. Anything under 10 is consider a must for removal. My doc had only seen one other ratio lower than mine, a 4. Honestly, I knew from the beginning it was the gb and am lucky my gastro doc was as determined as I was to either rule it out or diagnose it.

    Sorry this is so long winded but I think there are probably others out there who are being made sick by their gb's and I'm hoping that if they suffer from these symptoms that they get it checked out. I already feel better than I have in six months. Thanks for your remarks on the DVD's and positive outlook. I honestly feel as though there has been a huge paradigm shift in my life. Again, I hope others who need to feel empowered will at least look at the films.

    Oh, MamaDove, I am so very sorry you've been so sick. I think you are right to keep trying to find out what is going on. It's hard for patients when they are sick and the docs don't know what to do for them until whatever it is making them sick gets acute. Like you say, if you wait too long, it's just worse. With managed care, it's often hard to get surgery if you have a borderline case. Nothing with us is borderline in terms of how it affects our health.

    Many of us, like me, are so used to a certain level of pain that we don't even realize we are having problems unless there are other symptoms or the pain reaches a high level. Because of the Guai treatment, I no longer have much in the way of pain but for years, I used denial to try not to feel pain that it is second nature to return to denial when I am in pain. It takes a lot of pain or additional symptoms to get my attention. In the meantime, though, whatever is wrong is taking its toll on our other issues. God bless you and I pray you find out what's wrong and get better.

    Love to you all and wishes for good health for everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  8. TwinMa

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    Wow Mikie! Thank you for the wonderful detailed description of your gallbladder experience. I've tried to title this post so others doing a search for gallbladder will come up with your terrific explanation.

    It's like an episode of CSI! I had no idea there were so many tests they could run for gallbladder. Fascinating!

    Do you have any idea if gallbladder problems run in families? I'm pretty sure my Mom had hers out many years ago. She passed away this past summer, so I can't ask her anymore. I'm not having any kind of problems like you describe, but I'll sure keep the info tucked away in a corner of my mind for future reference.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    So happy for you. Your post made me smile. I am so glad you are finally feeling better and can get a great meal with no problems.