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    Hi everyone!

    Some bad news about my step-son starting the new meds. The GOOD news was that we thought we finally found the right drug for him. He was doing well on it. The bad news: The Pediatrician and the Developemental neurologist called and told us to stop the medication immediately because there was report of two children in Liver failure from the drug and its too new for us to try at this time. Better to be safe than sorry. He now has to go for some Liver FUnction blood work ups to make sure theres no damage yet from the drug and to make sure he wasnt at risk. The upseting part of the whole thing was that here reluctant as we were to put him thru meds again, it was working and he was tolerating it very well and now we have another worry at hand. Never-the-less, makes me truly wonder about the safety of ANY medication between this news and all the news on TV about Vioxx and all the other meds causing havvock.

    So, thats the scoop! Hes now off the meds, driving us nutz of course BUT we would rather him drive us nutz for the time being than be in complete liver failure thats for sure. The good news to the two in liver failure is that once they went off their meds, the liver failure and injury completely cured itself. Thank heavens for that.

    Next month (January) we go for another evailuation at the Neurologist. We will see if there is another med we can try that is safer and has a better record. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

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    My son is on medication for ADD and I worry about the side-effects. I`m praying that your step-son`s health is ok and that you can find some other meds that will help him.

    Take care,
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    Thank God his Blood work is ok. Thanks for the prayers!