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  1. I do indeed have fantastic news for now, and hope that it is for good...

    Well, *unfortunately*... the owners held a meeting with the supervisors and all employees today, as soon as hubby got to work today- we knew it was going to happen, last night... and the two of us, were terrified..

    I didn't sleep... Hubby stayed up about 2 hrs* longer than normal for him, so, I knew he was terrified.

    Anyhow, he could only text me, first... but, the text message, simply said "I'm fine. i'll call later". So, I relayed that to my dad, sister, mom & stepdad, who were all waiting nervously too...

    Then, at his break, about an hr & 15 minutes ago, he was able to *call* me, & tell me what all took place..

    Unfortunately, his work did have to fire 16 people, 4 from night shift, and 12 from day shift- at this machine shop he works at, that is actually nearly *one-third* of the employees..

    BUT, hubby, thank GOD, is safe... we hope that by having to let those 16 people go, that they did so, keeping in mind, that they should make sure that will keep the others jobs secure, hopefully.

    Some of the guys who were let go, 'did not surprise' a lot of people... one, because he actually had not been there near as long as others (a couple of years, but, nearly all of the employees have been there for 10 yrs or more, hubby, has been there since he graduated, it will be 14 yrs for him, come June 09).

    I feel, for everyone who was let go today, they got whatever was left of their 401k, etc... and one week's 'severance' pay...

    BUT- most of them, if not all, (one of them on nights though, i know is not married, nor does he have other income- but, he does have family that can help out/take him back in) but, the majority who were 'let go' permanently, have spouses who have jobs, as well as they have side jobs, a couple have pretty thriving (though, seasonal, of course) mowing businesses, and one of the guys from night shift, is married to a nurse, and he is also a small dairy farmer... so, at least they've got that... and will hopefully be ok.

    Thank you anyone, and everyone who prayed for us... I continue to pray for our entire country/world, and my family, friends, etc, as yes, we are *all* struggling...

    Hubby sounded so much calmer on the phone. Praise God.

    We don't know how well, or how long this will work, but, I continue to pray, that those who were able to stay, will have enough work to keep the place open at least.. We're just fine with taking pay cuts, lower hours, etc... we know *everyone* has to 'tighten their belts' right now... we just pray that he can KEEP this job, (and the INSURANCE!) until we all get through these times, and things hopefully pick up.

    Again, praise GOD! thank you all, God Bless...

    We'll all continue to pray.

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    I'm so relieved to hear it! You have such a good heart to be so concerned about the other workers. It is very sad.

    I left you a message on your other thread.

    peace to you and yours,
  3. a thousand thank you's....

    Yes, my mother instilled that in me early on, I guess, as far as being concerned for the other guys (and their families), who were let go from the job today.. it just comes naturally for me (and I am so thankful)

    - many things, I have to *remind* myself, to think of, view, & see from different angles... a lot of things take repeated 'reminders', but, some do not...

    I can't help but not think of the others- of course, being human, there is at first, a huge relief for us, (and others,)... and almost at the same time, or shortly there after- while *still* being thankful for us, I do feel a saddened sense of "ohhh..." for the ones who did lose their job.

    Like I said, 3 out of the 4 night shifters who were let go, do have working spouses, as well as other part-time, or *full* time jobs... the one who is a dairy farmer, is slightly younger than us, also, and married a schoolmate of mine, who is an RN at the hospital, they do have children though, and, live nicely, so, I hope they don't live 'beyond' their means... if they do not... I am confident, they will be ok.

    The day shifters, I don't know as much about. I feel bad about some who were let go in their mid-late 50's.. My stepdad is 58 years old, and worries to death about losing his job (his job has been unsteady for *years* -- due to an owner, who, unfortunately has more money, than he has business knowledge/common sense.)

    He truly is the type of person too, who, foolishly, will do the exact opposite of something someone says, or offers to him in an effort to help him - like a child, throwing a tantrum, and he usually does ruin things... but still acts like "there! I showed YOU"... My stepdad is definitely a *special kind of person* to be able to work around that man.

    Anyhow, my stepdad worried before the rest of the economy had gotten so bad, that, at his age, should he lose a job- who would hire him, 'so close' to retirement age. Now, people in their 40's,50's, & even older, have to compete with ALL ages, etc..

    I feel so bad for everyone. It's always a trade off, or an 'up/down' thing, though. When somebody wins*, ultimately, that means, somebody else *lost... or several somebody elses.. but, as my stepdad said today on the phone,,,, right now, *everyone* is glad for themselves, when they 'dodge' that bullet... hate it for the other person, but, have to praise god that it wasn't you.

    ((((((((praying for all...lord keep all our heads above water))))))

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    I have just read part of you posts from the other thrread and then cameover to this one. I am so happy that it worked out well for you and your husband. I can only imagine how upset you both and your husbands co workers havae been through this whole thing. So much worry for everyone.

    I am so happy that it worked out for your husband's job and your family. There are so many having this problem now with losing their jobs. It is just horrible.

    I just wanted to tell you that I am so thrilled and relieved thata your husband's job came out OK in the end, even though others were not as lucky as he. It sounds as if many at least had something else to fall back on, or their families did. That is a good thing, at least.

    My son's company lost a contract sometime last year and so they had to get rid of quite a few employees. One of his bosses said that she would probably take him on when she goes to do another job too. So now we just wait and hope that happens. He does have great computer skills but you never know what is going to happen. We keep on thinking they will tell him something but still no word (I guess that is good but - - - ??) We thought he would hear something after the first of the year but still nothing - good grief. At least his wife is working and they have no children yet.

    Sorry for my venting a little on you. Just wanted to say I was so glad to hear the good news and to be able also to say Thank You God for helping Laura's husband to keep his job. That is a true blessing.


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    Hi, Laura,
    Lol, I love your username name. It's hilarious!
    I'm right next door to you in Ohio...it's so sad about the economy, especially the midwest right now. I know one town not too far from here with a population of 12,000, lost 3,000 jobs in an instant when a major hub pulled out of the state...as well as living in the auto industry area..it's hard to see so many struggling but I applaud your fighting spirit.

    I tend to ramble too, so add another one to the pot and don't feel bad for having or needing to say something, anything...we're all in this together, somehow!!!

    I hope your situation continues to show hope...
    Take Care,
  6. and I pray for you all too.

    Regarding population, & midwest, yep. I live in a town of 16,000 people, & hubby works in columbus, about 30-35,000 people, and yes, they have the cummins engine plants waivering, and some going under, and CCG (Columbus Components) hubby's shop's biggest customer, that just narrowly avoided closing *its* doors, by settling with their union- everyone had to take a 5% pay cut, to just stay open, (at CCG), but, better than 500 jobs gone in 8 days,,,

    They still owe hubby's work $800,000 for work already done though... so, hubby is *still* worried to death about his job... if they can't get any bids in, they'll still have no work- I'm trying to just help him realize that we just reallllllly need to celebrate the *right now*... and pray for the next day, the next week, the next month, and so on, after we acknowledge, worship, appreciate, and give thanks, just for TODAY's *miracle*...

    But, I understand, after he got in the car, driving home from work- it hit him that his *friends*, most of which he's worked with his entire 13.5 yrs, lost their jobs..

    As I'd said above to everyone (Rafiki, i believe, i was talking to though 'specifically') about being concerned for those who *did* lose their jobs.... nobody 'wins' without someone else 'losing'..

    and, even though they have other jobs/side jobs, etc... mowing business, as i said, is seasonal, the other guy- married to the RN, is a small 'dairy farmer'... but, farmers aren't having a good time, right now either...

    Still though, his wife at least makes good money, my dad was saying even unemployment pay has gone up some, and has been extended, as to how long* it will pay, etc..

    I know they will all be ok...

    I continue to pray that we will be too, as well as all of you & your family/families, who are hanging by a thread as well...

    Thank you all, & god bless/blessings to all, & much love.