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    Hi all - I haven't posted anything about this for many weeks because I've been dealing with a small disaster in my house (sewage backup) and recalcitrant insurance companies. It is all a very long story, but the mobile home park insurance company finally agreed to do the repairs after I was able to prove negligence (fore knowledge) on the part of the park (the damage was specifically excluded from my homeowners policy). And, last Friday, beautiful new carpet was laid in my living room, and the bedroom/laundry room which had been destroyed. The living room wasn't damaged, but because of something called a "line of sight rule" (direct line of sight between teh two rooms), I was entitled to new l.r. carpet too. It's lovely, almost worth the nightmare of the past 6 weeks. Reconstruction of the bedroom/laundry room has now been finished - they just need to hook up my washer which is supposed to happen Monday. It's been a very long six weeks! I crashed badly yesterday, am still recovering, after having to get the room ready for carpet.

    So - I hope to restart the mercury detox in two weeks, that's my plan, barring future disasters -- I had hoped by now to have a couple of months of detoxing under my belt and maybe even seeing some improvement by now, but the best laid plans of mice and men etc.

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    Hi, Mary.

    I'm sorry about what you have gone through. What a nightmare to have that happen right in your living space! I'm happy to hear about the new carpet, and glad you were able to persevere, given your condition. Hopefully things are headed back in a good direction now.

    Best regards,

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    I'm amazed I was able to persevere too. About 3 days into the disaster I realized I was getting extra tired and that my adrenals had taken a hit, so I started taking 1,000 mg. (divided doses ) of pantothenic acid and a large dose of Drenamin (an adrenal glandular) and within a couple of days my energy started to come back. I only crashed about 3 times during the 6 weeks, which was surprising to me, but last Friday did do me in.

    I had wanted new carpet for several years (my old carpet was really bad) but did not have the money, or, rather, the money always went towards my health. So I just did it the hard way! :)

    Thanks so much for your good wishes -

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    Nice to hear from you. Yeah, I've been a hermit for awhile now, too much to deal with, but starting to see some light.

    Plumbers are here today hooking my washing machine back up (where everything started!) and reinstalling a toilet, and that should be the end of it all, except for the restoration company bringing back all my stuff they moved into storage from the damaged room, and the piano mover returning my piano which had to be moved for the carpet.

    I was very lucky in that there was a very competent project manager in charge of everything who got things done, was always available by phone, plus the workmen were very competent and did a good job.

    Talk to you later -