update/ reason for the worry and prayer.

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    Thanks everyone,
    It is hard to explain.
    But i had to prove i am capable of taking care Of Zachy while my daughter gets her life together.

    So I cannot show my pain or tiredness.

    so it has been hard, I didnot want to say much about it
    but zachy gives me the strenght to do it.
    he is such a strong little boy.

    Everyone that met him and checked him out said he was the best and happiest baby they had yet to see so.

    so I get to keep Zachy, ok now I am crying dangit

    I knew in my heart that God's plan was for me to have Zachy. we have a very strong bond and he just blesses my heart so much.

    I am just in such a flare and I hate it for Zachy.
    It is up to me to care for his medical needs and to teach him and show him the wonders of the world. (sorry i keep messing up)
    it is frustrating when I am like this. but he gives me courage to keep trying.
    also you all help me so much so thank you from Zachy and me
    love you all, kathy

    Dixie I just wanted to let you know How much it means that you know how I feel. You are such a strong woman you give me courage too. ty[This Message was Edited on 09/12/2004]
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    God bless you Zachy and your daughter. May he give you all the strength and courage to go on and take care of zachy.
    My prayers are with you.
    love and God bless ,,,Dani