Update; Saw a new chiropractor wow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrpain, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. mrpain

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    For those of you who read my post a couple of weeks ago about having a bad neck due to the chiropractor cracking (adjusting) it........this is an update..

    I found a new chiro. who is much closer to home. This doc and his staff seems much more professional and has better treatments. He gives me ultrasound, then stim. on the neck and back, and then I have a 30 minute massage. The first visit he said I was too knotted up and swollen for an adjustment..

    The second time I went back was today. Again I got the treatment I mentioned above, plus he ended it with a great adjustment. WOW! What a difference from the other chiropractor. I know it is still too early to tell completely, but I do know my neck is better, even though it will have some soreness from everything I went thru..

    Tomorrow I'll know more, but I have found a good place and feel a lot better.. I hope everyone else will not give up just because they start out with a bad doctor, or someone who isn't up to par, so to speak..

    Just like we are all different, so are the doctors and specialist out there. There are some good ones and some bad ones....and some that just don't get it.. At least I feel there is some hope now which I haven't been for the past two weeks..Wishing ya'll the best.....
  2. itzmede

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    So glad you found a good chiro! They're priceless. Expect to be a little sore tomorrow or the next day. But it's a good sore, like when you work out(or used to work out!). Have a great weekend!
  3. mrpain

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    You were right. I'm very sore this morning and very stiff. But I did have a better night with sleep, of course, that was with taking 4 darvocets and a muscle relaxer.. and 3mg of time release melatonin and valerian...wish I could sleep that good every night... only woke up twice and one was around that 3 o'clock time frame..
  4. Marta608

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    I'm so glad you didn't give up on chiropractic and that you found a good one! You'll get a lot of help from him or her. A chiropractor can aid our range of motion which we need as we tense up, get older.... have some arthritis.

  5. mrpain

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    It's 10:00 pm here on the east coast and I can't wait til Monday to get back to the chiropractor. He has me coming in 3 times a week due to my neck & back in such bad shape.

    He said it looked like a mack truck hit me from behind while I was stopped at a red light. He said I was so knotted up, that it's been 2 years since he has seen someone that bad off..

    And to think, I wasn't feeling too bad a couple of weeks ago until that other chiropractor got a hold of me..I'm not saying that I didn't already have some problems, but he sure added to the problem.. I think he just stirred up things and also gave me a pinch nerve in my neck..

    But thank God for this new guy and his staff. I've gotten more sorer as the day wore on and that is why I can't wait to get back Monday. It will probably take a few weeks before I really see any big difference..Take care all!
  6. blessedmom2four

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    in the last 3 years , 2 of them knocked me out of commission for a week, crying and all, and the other 2 i do great with, mostly....i do better with the more softer techniques
  7. razorqueen

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    just curious, does this chiro charge alot more, or is he about the same cost as your other one? I don't know of any chiro's where I live that give the royal treatment you are getting. Its good to see.
    Just a word of caution, which I am sure you are aware of.
    Make sure he isn't making you come back all the time, as some like to make lots of money off us poor people, and after you are feeling much better, to many adjustments aren't good (in my opinion) as it doesn't give the body time to recoop.
    Take care,

  8. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    Both of those chiropractors cost the same because with my insurance I only pay $20.00.......I didn't get nothing but an adjustment with the first doc who wrenched my neck; but this new one gives me the ultrasound, electric stim., 30 min. massage, and an adjustment.

    But as soon as I get to feeling so called normal again, I'll stop going, because just as you have said, they will keep you coming forever...