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    I am so flustrated right now i don't even know what to think actually. His Nurse asked all the questions and seen all the info sent over,she seen i had fibro and she went and got the Doc. Mind you I seen him three years ago and really liked him. he came in and said your a mess ha. You have to quit smoking. He said the severity of your migraines you are at high risk of a stroke and with smoking it doubles that risk. These migraines won't kill you but smoking will. ON an on he went good golly give it a rest already!!! I was torked because i heard him but it didn't stop people. He just kept on and on. So, he said who is treating your Fibro because you are a mess. Who's your PT? Nobody's treating me much and I haven't had PT in two years. Well, I am back into PT and am supposed to get into my Rheumo who is a jerk to get this under control. What's the odds of that in Iowa!!!
    With PT he said we must be very careful because with the severerty of the migraines i can not over due it at all in anything. Light stretching and nothing strenuous. He is sending me to the University of Iowa where the top migraine specialist is in Iowa but he will keep monitoring me until then because it takes 3 to 4 months.
    I am to begin topamax tonight and he wants me at 200mg, that's his goal. This stuff is so expensive goodness sakes.
    I am soo flustrated how is one supposed to stay stable and "sane" with so many darn things happening all the time.
    Thought I would let you know what's going on.
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    I know that right now, things look frustrating to you, but reading your post, I would have to say that I think this doc is doing the right thing. PT stretches and flexes can be one of the best things you can do. They relieve pain and keep your muscles from losing tone, strength, and flexibility. Most of us see rheumies and they are of various help, but even if the rheumy isn't great, this doc has given you excellent advice.

    Consider his point of view. A patient comes to him for help and continues to smoke despite the known dangers. Just recently, someone posted that migraines can lead to lethal strokes. Smoking just gets you closer to that danger. Most smokers are in denial (I know, because I am an ex-smoker). They think they can keep smoking and nothing is going to happen. My Dad was a doc and smoked until he had a heart attack due to his emphasema. I quit for good when I saw him in the coffin, a wasted man with nicotine-stained fingers. I know this isn't what you want to hear and I'm honestly not trying to preach, but I do care and know firsthand the dangers of smoking. Please consider doing whatever it takes to stop.

    Also, please just pretend that this is the best doc in the world and that you are lucky to have him. See the rheumy and do your PT faithfully and see if you don't feel better. Heck, it's worth a shot.

    Love, Mikie
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    I appreciate your kind words thank you.
    Mikie you are so dear to me. Thank you for helping me to put things into perspective. I know that the smoking is a must but, being 32 and being treated like i am 2 was tough. I think that he is very fearful of the way these migraines are progressing and they are somewhat like the migranious stroke thingys. So do i have to stop smoking, YES.. I have three baby's I am raising yet. I am hoping to make my Dday for Monday.
    I begin PT then too so maybe this is all going to be a new beginning for everything. Infact i think I will call every darn clinic in the area to see who treats Fibro patients. May as well do everything all at once instead of little stepping stones right.
    Thanks again I truly appreciate it.
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    and NO I am not a smoker- reformed smoker now for 21 yrs. But, Joannie if smoking is giving you pleasure than go for it. You bet it is bad for you but who needs to be dealing with constant pain and trying to quit smoking. The diesel that I breath every day when there are 200 busses warming up at transportation is known to cause cancer too. Somethings gonna get ya! I lost my dear Mom to lung cancer from smoking. She beat her self up trying to quit. She never was able to. you can not add a day to your life. quality of life yes, days not~
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