Update--SSD wants a physical & mental exam-need your input

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  1. Achy-shaky

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    Got letter from soc. sec. disability & they want me to go to a doctor I don't know for exams. The letter asks if you want a copy of report sent to your doctor. I put in my primary doctor's name but now wondering if that's a bad idea because if they don't agree with the dx from my other doctors, the copy of this report will then be in my medical records and it may have an affect on my workers comp case which is still pending. Am I just worrying about nothing here? I do tend to obsess over anything involving SSD & workers comp.

    My other question - does anyone who's been thru this have any suggestions for me when I go for the physical/mental exams?

    Thanks & Blessings to you all,
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  2. teawah

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    When I went for my exams I just lost it. I cried and just told them how I really felt. How devestated I was. Within three days I got a letter from them saying I should stop worrying because they were going to help me and they did. Be honest and if that means showing your true emotions don't hold back. We can only help ourselves! No one else is going to. Good Luck and let us know how it goes.
    LOL, teawah
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    Hmmm good question. I have been for counseling three times in the past. Wonder if they will try to pull those records?

    I called the last one already and he said I could get a statement from him that health issues were causing frustration which was further frustrated by financial and marriage relationship issues leading to some depression.Of course it would cost me to get it. Maybe I should have the lawyer ask him for it and then it would be covered by the contingency contract...

    Just the worries of how to pay for all the medical tests upcoming to document for Social Security makes me depressed or anxious.

    I would assume if one talks of how to meet all the bills, and hating being sick and the apprehension this stupid mental exam is causing, etc... they will take that as example of mental status caused by the illness?
  4. Geralyn

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    I read your message and wanted to share my experience. I was sent to a doctor that wasn't ever a Rhumy in a very bad part of town. My husband drove me but didn't go in. I thought it was really a joke. I also never removed and clothing. He looked at my hands, asked me to bend over to see how flexible I was and that's about it. I did have them send the reports to my regular doctor and I was glad I did because they initially rejected me and I have to appeal. The psycho evaluation was much more compensive. I wouldn't do anything different. Be honest about your paid and how it has affected your life. By the way I eventually did get accepted. Also, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis so that played a role in their decision making process. Good luck to you!

  5. jdala

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    What in the world is ankylosing spondylitis?
  6. dhcpolwnk

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    I got a letter like the one you describe after I applied for SSDI (because of multiple sclerosis, not fibro), but I also was told that if my own doctor would complete and return the SSD form by a certain date, they'd review it and determine whether or not I still needed to see their doctors. To make a long story short, my neuro completed the form--saying that my prognosis is "guarded," a term he said he used frequently. Furthermore, I had had an MRI in the previous year or so, and I was able to send in a copy of the report, which identified "extensive white matter disease" consistent with an MS diagnosis. That was it. I got a call cancelling the appointments that had been set up with the SSD doctors, and my SSDI was approved on the first try.

    But that was with MS--and a clear cut medical test confirming the diagnosis. Even with MS, it's unusual to get approved the first time out. So don't get discouraged.

    If you have a good relationship with a doctor who is willing to work with you on how to fill out the medical form for SSDI, you might discuss it with him/her. I'm not talking about lying. That can come back to haunt you. But there are many ways the truth can be expressed.

    In my daily life, I tend to think about what I want to do and how I can manage to work around my disabilities to do it. Unfortunately, when you apply for SSDI, you have to switch mental gears. Instead of emphasizing your coping skills and resourcegulness, you have to emphasize the reasons you *need* those coping skills and that resourcefulness! I found that a very difficult transition to make emotionally, but fortunately, I only had to deal with that kind of thinking temporarily.

    Good luck in negotiating the system.

    --Laura R.M.
  7. phenom

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    ankylosing spondilitis is an arthritic condition of the spine where the joints slowly fuse together. i.e. pain in the back! some people end up looking like hunch back of notredame, but if you have good posture - your joints fuse in that position, so you're normal to look at. correct me if i'm wrong guys, my dad has this, and thats how he explained it to me.

  8. tiredtim

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    you have the right under SS regulations to have the exams done by doctors of your choice. if you already have good relationships with a medical doctor and a psychologist or psychiatrist who will do these exams, I suggest you insist on it. the SS doctors work for them; your doctors work for you; who do you think is more likely to produce a favorable report? get on this now, the DDB is under time pressure to get your claim resolved, and for them, that means "denied"

  9. Achy-shaky

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    The stress of just going to a new doctor is enough to make me have a bad day so that's good they can see me at my worst but I feel more prepared now. I didn't see anywhere they give you the option to ask for your own doctor and I figure if I did that it would just hold it up longer.

    I looked up ankylosing spondylitis in medical dictionary and it is progressive stiffening of several joints and ligaments in spine which I don't doubt that I have but don't know that it's been documented. I think the ankylosing spondylitis is listed in the SSD blue book as a disease that qualifies you.

    I will let you all know how it goes - the physical is this coming Wed. and the mental is next week.

    Thanks again - I appreciate everyone's kindness and honesty.
  10. Pickle

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    Tim, I was wondering how you get SSD to let you use your own doctors. What do you I have to do, forms, etc?
  11. Achy-shaky

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    Here's update on my original message:
    I think it went ok, but like others have said it was pretty short taking a total of an hour. They didn't even give me time to finish the 2 page form they wanted filled out. I guess they only ask you to bring meds so you will have the correct names and dosages to put on their form. The doctor seemed to see how much pain I was in (I took only minimal pain meds before going) and he sure could tell that my ranges of motion are totally messed up even though his exam was pretty quick. I think he relied more on my account of how long I've been dealing with it and what led up to my current situation. Next Monday I have the mental exam so that I'm sure will be even more fun!

    Pickle - good question because in the letter they sent they only ask if you can't make it to the appointment & if not to explain why so maybe that's how you would approach asking to go to your own doctor but I'm not sure about it.

    I'm expecting to be denied so I know the whole process takes a lot of patience but my biggest concern is what do I live on after my state disability runs out in a few months! Just hoping by then I can work part-time.

    Again thanks for all your input.
  12. blondieangel

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    but....I was totally and completely honest w/ the doc ssd sent me too. He never spoke to me..and I was in tears. I could not do what he asked me to do. He reported I was well enough to work and just REFUSED to do as asked...

    looking back on the experience...i was so ill and injured from being rear-ended...i amaze myself at what i have endured as far as pain level/exhaustion/etc...go...expect the worst...and it's true what Tim said!!! You DO NOT have to go to the 'doctor' of their choice! I found out too late! And I forgot to tell you...I was in exacerbated pain and bed-ridden from his 'tests' for TWO WHOLE WEEKS after!!! Friggin' $!@#$

    sorry..i've been through hell and now am 'accepting'in my daily living hell..but i sure don't have to like it!!!

    Much love...and hopes/prayers that your experience is
    better than mine!;-)