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    It is good news(i guess!) After having a thyroid uptake and scan then a CT Scan my ENT Specialist says all is ok for now.I have several nodules on thyroid which will mre than likely be benign,so no need for expensive biopsy.He says I will probably eventually have a thyroid problem in the future.I am thankful for the prognosis,but was just wondering if I could have avoided all the VERY expensive scans and had the biopsy first as my Rheumy suggested?Should I get a second opinion? Madwolf, any suggestions??? Thanks,tinaeve
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    I'm bumpting this hoping Madwolf or Ace will wade in on it. Perhaps you could post directly to them.

    If it were me, I would most likely seek a second opinion. When it comes to cancer, "More than likely," just isn't good enough. What is the outcome if these are cancer? When will it be checked again? If it is cancer, will it stay localized or is there a chance of metastisizing? You may have already asked your doc all these questions and were satisfied with the answers, but I am just bringing it up for discussion. I know nothing about this type of cancer, so perhaps I'm overreacting, but I always like as much info as I can get when it comes to my health.

    Love, Mikie
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    Tinaeve, I've had these precedures done twice. I had a nodule on my thyroid. The uptake test showed normal, meaning that my thyroid was working. After two years I went for another series and all results came back normal. I take my meds and all, but with the FMS, I never feel well. Can't imagine what I would feel like if the thyroid weren't working, too.
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    BUMP bump for madwolf or ace
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    Hi, I'm Brenda. I read all posts about thyroid because I have all 3...FMS,CFS, and Hypothyroid due to radioactive destruction of thyroid gland in 1988 (Graves disease). AS soon as the thyroid was destroyed I was hit hard by FMS & CFS, and still to this day (11 yrs later) cannot find a doc that will agree with me that the destruction caused the FM & fatigue! I ramble on telling you this because I want you to take the thyroid symptoms & nodules very seriously. Some days, like today, it takes me 4 hrs or more to feel energetic enough to even get on the computer, and how much energy does that take, really! It is a hard row to hoe, and the sluggish thyroid just magnifies the FMS & CFS. Please, keep a close watch on the thyroid, and probably a trip to an Endocrinologist would be the best bet, since thyroid is what they specialize in.

    Nice to meet you both! By the way my uptake test showed 52%, whatever that means, docs said they couldn't explain what it meant, that I wouldn't undersand...Huh?!

    Brenda (slow as a Snail today!)
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