UPDATE TO doctors...they ARE doing harm

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    The docs nurse called me first thing this am. She said she couldn't imagine how he made such an error. After I refreshed her memory about my treatment she remembered everything..she said she did talk to the doc about how upset I was and appoligised on his behalf. She asked me exactly how the rx was written, what was wrong and what I wanted.
    Well, to my amazement,,,she called back wihtin 30 mins. The one script that was written wrong was corrected. The other script for the med I didn't want (and also written wrong) was replaced with what I asked for!!
    The only downside is I have to take the bad scripts back to her and get the new ones. The are for narcotics, and I get my Rx's thru the mail so she can't just fax it to the pharmacist.
    Funny how things work out..I have to go that way anyway...hubby is coming back tonight from fighting fires in Idaho!! Only drawback is Dr office closes at 4:30, his flight arrives at 10:15 tonight.
    I'll try to take a late nap, go get the Rx's and head for Barnes and Noble, 5 mins from airport. Hopefully I can take it slow and easy so I don't wear myself out. Beats making a third trip on Monday!!.

    As always thanks for your support. This is the last time a doc will treat me like this!!

    Warm fuzzies

    My original post:::
    I am about to explode. I have no one to talk to and if I don't share this...
    Let me start by saying I drive 1 hour to this office. I cannot take my meds cause I don't want to drive.

    I went to my "new" pain mgt doc today for the 2nd time(he's a neurologist). The only reason I am seeing him is becasue the Rhumy I've been seeing says that he cannot prescribe narcotics because "they" (meaning the 3 piece suit guys in washington) say that he shouldn't since they are not called for for fibro. Rather than tickin this doc off I figure, OK...I'll play the game. First visit the PM doc was so-so. Very boisterious, full of himself..ok, I'll play. He rx'd some meds, ordered an MRI...the 5!! I had already weren't good enough....ok...I'm still playin...

    TODAY I go for my followup. So get this.....he's running behind and lucky me,I'm the last patient before lunch.
    He'd ask me a question and cut me off before I could answer. I asked about the MRI and he was mad cause it wasn't in my file...remember..his tummy is growling.
    All he wants to do is do the injections in my spine...I keep saying no, I've had them before and it was worse. well thats' because "he's" not doing them..blah blah. Well since I refused the injections..that was it. He was done..see ya.

    I told the nurse as nicely as I could I was annoyed at his behaveour (SP!), I was paying for his time, I shouldn't have to suffer because he's running late, etc.
    She snipped...I shut up, took my Rx's and came home.


    He was in such a hurry he flip flopped the doseages and the meds. I cannot get them filled. The pharmacy cannot just call his office the mistake is too bad, I will need a new prescription. I call his office...no answer.Did I mention it is an hour drive?!?

    This is what I mean by doing harm. If he would have just taken another minute none of this would have happened.
    I'm DONE playing. I am taking my broken body and my toys and goin home!!He will get no more lunch money from me!!

    Oh gosh...I feel so much better. Thanks for listening. I knew you would understand. Anybody know a good doc in NW Fla?

    Love ya'll
    Warm fuzzies
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    This is just plain old malpractice. Of all things a doc should be careful about, it prescribing meds.

    I am so sorry you had to drive an hour to be insulted and mistrated. This guy is a danger to his patients.

    Love, Mikie
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    It's very hard to beleive your Doc. couldn't give you pain meds. I beleive some of them are out for the almighty $$$$. If it were me, I would find anonther DOCTOR. Im sorry to hear of your experence Best wishes, Sheila Topeka, Ks.
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    Hi Achey,
    So sorry to hear about your ordeal.I have been there too.it seems that you get the run around worse when you are in no mood for it.i ansered your post on chit chat so go take a look and see what we can do to bring your spirits up.I may live on the other side of the country but maybe i can help.Talk to you soon.sorry that i can't write or spell i'm getting tired.hope you feel better abd get results from that miserable doc.

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    bumping my update...see original post
  6. No wonder they want the scripts back, he made a mistake and they don't want anyone to know it. Make a copy of the wrong ones first and keep them just in case ???