Update: TOTAL FATIGUE, and CAMMIE back home.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by athome, May 18, 2003.

  1. athome

    athome New Member

    well, i just have to stagger from bed to bathroom, only have clear liquids and powdered liver (yuck!!!) taday, and enjoy the rest.

    CAMMIE has returned!!! Came drrr-agging up the walk, meowing loudly, which he NEVER does. I intend to bribe him to stay close w/ random reinforcements of SARDINES! Actually, I think maybe this disappearance and subsequent return, is his random reinforcement of me!!!

    Anyhow, these kitties(Cammie & Purrkins) are good distraction from the pain. We're ALL gonna try to nap now!!!
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  2. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    So happy to here your Cammie is back !
    Pets are wonderful. I have a 19 year old Tuxedo whom gives me unconditional love and I am grate ful for him as I know you are for cammie :)
  3. skychomper

    skychomper Member

    I knew he would come back! thanks for letting us know! happy he is home now.