Update: Went to doc about ovarian cyst

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KateMac329, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. KateMac329

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    I don't know what has gotten into me but I am feeling very down right now. I am feeling VERY VERY down as a matter of fact.

    I went to the doctor yesterday and the visit went well. He did a pelvic and then an ultrasound and my left ovary is enlarged and there is a cyst inside of it.

    I need surgery to remove it. When? That is what we are trying to figure out right now. Probably next Thursday but at this point we are not sure.

    I am in a lot of pain. I am feeling emotionally down and I am just ready for a break of some kind. I feel like I have been having one thing right after another and one person can only take so much! I just want to enjoy my son...and I am trying so hard to do just that!

    Anyway, thanks for letting me talk this out. I know that what is going on isn't a big deal but to be honest I am a little nervous about the surgery.

    The doctor is going to try to save the ovary but depending on the cyst he may not be able too and I need to be ready for that.

    Again this is not a big deal so I shouldn't be down in the dumps about it but for some reason I am.



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  2. Jana1

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    I don't think I have ever read a post from you that said you had gone on a vacation?

    If your husband gets vacation paid days, maybe just the three of you can go somewhere different for a few days.

    I enjoy the fun pictures of your little boy, and it was nice seeing YOU, too.

    The ups and downs of life never, ever end...we just go from one to the next wondering if there are ever days in between when we can just rest from it all!

    I have felt all along that you have the spirit of a life survivor...able to enjoy the ups when they come, and be stalwart through the downs...

    AS trite as it sounds...Keep on keeping on...Jana
  3. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Oh, you poor thing! You have had enough to contend with, and with the new precious little one, you must be really tired by now.

    Hang on, I had a cyst inside the ovary when I was 26..the great dr. took it out and sewed the ovary back together and it worked fine afterwards! I had a daughter about 14 mos later, too.

    It was a 6 weeks recovery, and NO LIFTING OR VACUUMING AT ALL! So you will have to plan for that. Laundry will be even harder to do than now, so hubby willhave to do sheets, towels, heavy clothes, and take ALL from washer to dryer for you.

    You'll have to be very careful lifting baby too, so prepare, prepare, prepare!

    Hope you have good pain meds; be careful with them, ok? I fell down stairs from the pain hitting me the first time, it was so unexpected and horrible. Knocked me out!

    Try a hot pack or heating pad on it, it might ease the pain some...well, others swear by ice, but I hate to be cold!

    Feeling with you and for you...
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I've only had invasive surgery once, for wisdom teeth, but even that doesn't compare.

    I don't want to depress you further, I just want you to know you have a right to your feelings. This is a huge deal. They will cut open your abdomen, yet again, you will have to recover, yet again, you might lose the ovary, HUGE. iF that happens you'll mourn no matter what. But the biggest comfort is that you have your precious son. and loss of an ovary would be so much worse if you hadn't had kids yet, you'd be thinking your chances are that much less. but there is a big chance that won't happen, like the gal above who had a child the year after the same surgery.

    A miracle could even happen and you could absorb the cyst and skip surgery. Could happen.

    I wish your body would give you a break too, and that you can just enjoy your lovely family.

  5. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Is your doctor talking about invasive abdominal surgery, though, or laparscopic surgery? I had a HUGE (orange-sized) ovarian cyst 4 years ago that had somehow adhered itself to my abdominal wall. My doc was able to remove it laparscopically---and it was tricky, but do-able. Much less of a recovery time, etc. Maybe that's not an option for you, I don't know...

    Anyway, I'm sure you DO feel down, plus still in pain. And playing the waiting game is never fun, either...I will say a prayer that all goes well, and that you start to feel better emotionally, too...just rest if you can (easier said than done with an infant, I know...)

    ((((gentle Hugs))))
  6. Neicee99

    Neicee99 New Member

    I'm sorry to hear about the problem you are going through now. I know what you mean when you say, it's always one thing after another. It gets to be overwhelming sometimes for me too, as I bet it does for most of us. What kind of pain were you in to have it checked out? The only reason I ask is that for the past 3 weeks, off and on, I have had such debilitating pain on my left side ovary area that I thought I should go to the ER but then it eventually let us and once it lasted for almost 1.5 hours.

    Keep us updated.

  7. morninstar

    morninstar New Member

    Kate I am new on here but can tell you are stressed. You could be suffering from a hormonal imbalance from the baby (age?) as well as the cyst. Look for the positive side you might not have had pain and later developed something much worse. The dr could possibly go thru belly button and do laproscopy and recovery would be short term. Pray a lot and enjoy the time you have with the little one, mine are 16 and 24. Time passes quickly and for sure Honey there is a bright side!!! God Bless... Star
  8. JLH

    JLH New Member


    I am so sorry to hear of a new problem. I went through a whole decade of stuff like that! During my 30's, it was just one thing after another!!

    I certainly hope your doc can do the surgery with a scope because it will help on your recovery tremendously! I am also praying that he can save your ovary.

    You are only human by being nervous about the surgery!

    Please keep us informed!

    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, dear.

    Love and Big Hugs,
  9. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hon, you've been through hell lately...of course you're feeling down. Even way down...

    Your hormones are off, you could use a few months of better sleep, you haven't had a break since before the pregnancy and all you want is time to enjoy the "lil bean".

    But...you are handling everything that comes your way. You're taking each thing as it comes, dealing with it and moving on to the next thing. Life is just like this sometimes.

    You need to rest....just lay there with the baby and rest, talk and relax. Then after the surgery you'll have more time to rest and take it easy. (At least he isn't running around just yet)

    Kate, you are handling things just fine...you're just in too much pain to realize it. You're doing a great job with Landon and he knows it.

    Hang in there....


    Nancy B.
  10. Loveyame

    Loveyame New Member

    Kate, I had cyst on my ovaries too when I was a young mom. It seemed that I was always sick. But my husband at that time told me to look at as maintence work for the body. He compared me to his pick up but it made sense. So just take some deep breathes, grap the baby up and snuggle on the couch and relax. Things will get better! Oh and when I had a hysterecomy all my fm pain went away for about 2 years-doctors could not tell me why. But it was a nice break from it. Maybe you will get lucky like I did. Love Ya Me
  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I am sorry that you are going through this. I wish you well and hope things start improving again for you.

    Love Anne
  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Now wait just a minute here!

    I had an ovarian cyst removed years ago. It's not something to be scared about but certainly not exactly having your teeth cleaned either. It's a big enough deal to allow yourself to feel a little anxious and to be good to yourself.

    You give you a break. I'll give you a hug. ((((KATE))))

    I love your many profiles.


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