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  1. hurts2003

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    Hi all! just wanted to update everyone on what been going on this week. Things are starting to look up just a little for me. I got $60 of the $90 my niece owed me for the flowers for her wedding. She is surposed to give me the rest as soon as she can. I cashed in a CD that we've had in the bank for a few years to help get us caught up on the bills. I didn't want to but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    My mom's eye is still bothering her a lot and she doesn't have all the vision back. I have to take her back for a checkup tommorrow.
    I also go for my 2nd appointment for the clinical trials tomorrow. I finnally get the med if all my test results came out good that they took last week. there is a 5 out of 7 chance that I get the real med so I'm praying that I don't get a placebo. It's been 3 weeks since I've taken anything except for Ibuprophen and it's really getting rough.
    The right side of my face has just started to hurt really bad a few minutes ago. I was leaning over helping my boss put a seat cover on his truck seat when it hit me. I took 800mg ibuprophen and I will be so glad when it kicks in. I'm at work and really need some relief fast. He's gone to lunch now and I really need to feel better by the time he gets back. I'm sitting here typing trying to keep my mind off of the pain but it's not working to well.
    I gotta go because I can't stand to sit here any longer. Will check back in tomorrow and let you know how the dr. appt. went.

    Hugs - Tammy
  2. fivesue

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    Sounds like you really need something big time. Take care and I do hope the pain goes away before your boss gets back. Let us know about the trials.

  3. hurts2003

    hurts2003 New Member

    My face and jaw pain dulled for a while, then when I got home from work at 6:00 it started again - took 4 tylenol. I made it though to cook supper then tried to go to bed. As soon as I laid down it started again. I took 5 more ibuprophen and it hasn't touched the pain. I could really use something stronger for the pain but I can't take it because of the trials. They gave me a drug test last week to make sure I was honest about be off all the meds and they will probably give me another one in the morning. I just hope the cymbalta is worth it and will control the pain. I have to stay off all pain meds during the whole 58 week study. I may be crazy if I have many days and nights like tonight. I hate to sound like a drug addict because I really don't take that much pain meds - only when I need them (LIKE NOW). The last bottle of 50 lasted me for 8 months.

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