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    I am finally coping with the emotional stress, caused by not being able to renew my RN license at all.

    I am also now taking two ligaplex II a day, and working up to three, if my body tolerates it. SO FAR, no reaction, or hexing to it at all. I'm hoping it helps my bones and joints to heal, and strengthen so I do not have this gawd, awful pain.

    Lyrica, is good some of the time, but when my pain is already off the rector scale. I plan to stop using it, because right now,all is does is make me swell, up like a pilsbury dough girl, and give me a lot of dizziness. And it does NOT help with my pain. I am so freaking frustrated, that my regular doctor could not even give me something for pain when I saw her, or suggest I go to sports medicine area which specialized in pain management, and trigger point injections. Her main idea, was that she cannot do anything without consulting my Rheumatalogist.

    I see the Rheumy in Aug, and plan to give him and earful, and demand he give me something for my severe pain episodes. And I will not increase my Remeron, which I did for a few days, when the psy dr increased it. It made me sleep almost all day, and I felt so much more pain, that I could not move or do anything without help.

    So gentle hugs are needed, as I plan not to let this disease disrupt my life. Huggies Deana.

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