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    Thank You All for all the prayers. I wanted to update everyone and let you know that my Dad went to be with the Lord the 16th (1 week today) Mom is back in the hospital for 5 days for her chemo treatments. The hardest thing I have ever done is caring for dad 24/7 and watching him suffer..I know that he is not suffering no more and I am very happy for him. I am having bad flares and the cfs has really taken a toll...Please keep me in your prayers and mom..thank you for all your prayers and thoughts... You can do a search under my name and find the other updates if you don't remeber my story. This is the first I have been on since I have been back home.....You will be seeing more of me again...I miss you guy's and this site....

    Love and God Bless you all
    May God keep his powerful hand on this board and all the people on it.