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    Here's an update on the whole return-to-work thing. I returned to work this week after being out since October. I worked a full day on Monday, a half-day on Tuesday, and a full day on Thursday. I had to call out sick on Friday, as I got home Thursday and couldn't move again. Had to get helped back into the house by my hubby.

    I tried to call my pcp doc and get a refill on my pain meds that he prescribed, and was told by a nurse that the doc will not give me any more medication. He wanted me to go through the rheumy for all meds from now on. Only the rheumys office is closed for the holidays, so I'm dealing with a major flare and no pain meds at all.

    This doc (the pcp) has seen me only once and only for a few minutes. He refused to fill out any disability paperwork and signed a release to send me back to work without seeing me again to find out my condition. And now he won't fill any medications.

    It's time to search for doc #4, and try to get short-term disability renewed.

    I liked being back at work, but it was very difficult and it left me with no energy left. I was a mess by the time I got home. I'm just not ready to go back to work yet. The problem is, if I can't get a doc to fill out paperwork, I'm going to lose my job, and therefore lose my benefits (and I REALLY need that insurance right now.)

    This is all so very very frustrating.

    On a lighter note, hope everyone's holidays went well.

    Thanks for listening to me vent.

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    i am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. the most flusterating thing is having a Doctor that does not understand your situation. it i hard enough to deal with the pain with medications but working and no pain meds is horribe.
    I think you need to find yourself a more caring Primary. Someone that will help you to get through all of this rather then push you aside.
    I hoe you are feeling better.
    Take care.
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    i just went threw kinda the same thing,if your in a bad flare and need the meds go to urgent care or the er they will give you some until you can talk to the rhemy just tell them the story and take your med bottles with you,and start going to that pcp Every Week complaing about ALL your symtoms so he has a idea of how bad you realy are.they usally wont fill out the papers unless they know you well enough and know frist hand how bad you are they cant fill them out going by anthor drs reports he could become liable some how,hes just protecting himself,
    see him offten enough where he knows your name without looking at the chart and what causes you the most pain that way he can fill out the form with a clear conseces,
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