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    Hi all!

    This is Shelly. I wrote about a month ago and recieved such a warm and helpful response from everyone on the board -- my mother has died as a result of Fibromyalgia, and I wanted to help in the fight.

    Well, after major searching, I found a local support group with a lot of connections. I will begin work on a feature that will air on my radio station in a few weeks.

    And I was a little bit nervous about pitching the idea to my news director, but I did. Come to find out...she was diagnosed with FMS a few years ago. Needless to say, I can take up maximum airtime, and I'm very excited about that. And needless to say, my news director and I have become closer, but I'm sad to know she suffers from this disease.

    I know that what I do won't be earth-shattering, but we can pray it starts a ripple : ) Thank you guys for giving me the encouragement I needed to dig into this, because it couldn't be progressing any more beautifully! Talking with all of you is something akin to talking to my mother, which I'm sure you can understand, so thanks for letting me in and everything else. Talk to you soon!

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    I hope that you are successful in your tribute to your mother. If there is any way that we can help, just ask. Publicity is one of the things that we need to capture the interest of the public and, maybe someday, the medical establishment.
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    What you are doing IS earth shattering. My Dear, do you know how difficult it is for us to get recognition for our illnesses? What a wonderful thing to do in your Mother's memory. My Mom had FMS and died last July of a massive heart attack unrelated to her FMS. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom because I know how you feel. I'll bet your Mom is looking down and feeling very proud of you.

    Thanks so very much for your helping to get the word out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Your mom must be very proud of you,she knows. My dad recently died so the loss alone is horrific. So you are doing something to help yourself and her and sooo many of us who would love to have family like you backing us. Many of us gave all we had to our families, then when it was our turn for some support there seemed to be a vanishing act since we could not give to them as we once did. What you are doing will help your grieving process. You know you can not bring her back the way you would like, but I bet she is right along side of you in spirit. After my dad died, who I miss so terribly, I had unusual happenings that let me know he had not truly left me. You just have to keep an open mind. Hospice says this is very common in the 1st 6 mo. I am normally not into that, but things happened that I was really taken back by. I & your mom & all of us are eternally greatful for your endearing support. BTW yrs. ago I lived on Quincy Bay. My daughter was worn at Chelsea Naval Hosp. which I hear are apartments now. Had some fun times in Boston. Thank You Again. Keep us informed. I send you my deepest blessing for you and your personal loss. As they would say today "You Rock". We are with you.
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    Please keep her informed, thanks
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    I am sorry, but I am new to FM and I did not realize that the FM itself could cause death.
    Is it just the years of pain and depression and stress that caused something to happen?
    I guess I am just freaking out about it. I know it is a very serious disease, but I thought I'd just be in pain forever and a day.
    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my dad in 98 to cancer.
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    Thank you for putting your time and effort into getting this info out there. I am so sorry for your loss. My mother also has FMS so I can understand. It is a terrible thing to watch. Now I am experiencing it myself so I can totally relate with what she has been going through. You really cannot understand unless you have it yourself. But spending the time to learn about it and getting the word out to educate others is the best gift that you could give to her. Good for you!!!

    Big Hugs,
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    thank you guys, i appreciate your kind words SO much.

    i really didn't plan to write back yet because i'm kindof in a whirlwind of things i have to do, but i wanted to address Billie's question.

    My mother's official cause of death was "heart failure". But she was in immense pain, very depressed and desperate, and she was on alot of medication (they found 70 bottles in her room). Then she got some sort of flu bug, or so people think, I suspect her symptoms were related to taking Oxycontin. Her body just wasn't strong enough to fight it, and I don't think her will to live was enough to stick it through. So I attribute her lack of defense to the pain, meds and her state of mind. All of which were directly related to her FMS. I didn't mean to upset anyone, and I think this is a unique situation. But I'm sure my theory is correct. "Heart failure" just doesn't explain how someone could die at the age of 40.

    I'll write back sometime soon, until then everyone take care and take it easy! : )