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  1. srollins

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    just thought since it had been a while,(like 4 years).

    i put some pics of my hobby in my profile if anyone is interested in taking a look.

  2. srollins

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    just a bump!!!!

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    I still can't get over how life like your dolls are.

    Forgive me, but I can't remember how you make the heads. I know you have a kiln to fire them in. Can you please tell me again if you buy the heads then paint them or if you make the heads yourself.
    Thanks, Carla
  4. srollins

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    thanks for your reply.
    well these dolls as you know are made of porcelain.
    i use molds to mold all the pieces parts, such as the heads, arms, legs and shoulder plates.

    the remainer is usually fabric and fiberfil although i do have some that are entirely of porcelain. the paint is a china paint that has to be fired on in a kiln.

    i have molds for well over 1oo dolls so u can just imagine what my basement looks like.that means well over 5oo plaster molds down there.

    i start out with a jug of liquid porcelain and a mold.it is quite a process, but brings me a great deal of pleasure.

    my greatest love though is sewing to dress them.

    the doll i have posted right now? the one on your right with the printed jumpsuit on,

    well that was a little no. i made for my granddaughter when she was that size. it has been alot of fun to be able to put some of the creations on my dolls that i had made for my miss taylor.

    i didn't know until recently carla that you painted. which came first? glass or painting?

    i recently got into the decorative painting. i love that as well.
    i have made my grandsons bedroom here at my house into a "mountain lodge". i have painted mountainscenes...spring winter etc on the walls.it has been a work in progress.i am getting to completeion finally.

    it's only been 2 yrs. anyway, master jared is 6 now but he loves visitibg his room at granma's house.

    sorry, didn't mean to get carried away.