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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dazedconfused, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. dazedconfused

    dazedconfused New Member

    Did anyone find physical therapy to be helpful at all? I have been 7 times and I like the moist heat and electrodes they put on me (I take a nap)but it doesn't last long enough. I leave feeling really tired and drained. Sometimes the stretches they have me do just are really painful and I pay for it the next day. Just wondering how everyone else feels about PT.
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  2. bpmwriter

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    did you see a chiropractor before you began physical therapy? if you have myofascial pain sydrome in addition to your fibro, stretching can actually make you worse. so many doctors direct us to stretch and exercise, but if you have any sort of spinal problems that are causing muscle imbalances, stretching those muscles is only going to make them even tighter. it's just my opinion, but i would see a chiropractor for a spinal exam before starting any kind of regimented physical therapy program.

  3. Cromwell

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    I had awful PT in a couple of places I lived, found a good one here, yet recently saw his partner and he hurt me. I saw a report a while back that PT really isn't that great as you just keep going and meanwhile you are healing anyway, so it could be coincidence. I am due to go this week but will tell the PT all I want is moist heat and very light massage and maybe ultrasound which can relax the muscles. I won't let them boss me around as many don't really understand our type of pain. Hope this helps a little. Cromwell
  4. LClancy

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    It's nice to meet you, dazed. We have to be careful with therapy. If your therapist isn't educated about FMS, he/she could do more harm than good. Feeling drained is to be expected because toxins are being released. But feeling pain, during or after, is not a good sign. Your therapist should take it down a notch or two or change her treatment plan for you. Here's some info that may help...



  5. dazedconfused

    dazedconfused New Member

    Thanks for all the advice. I have been to a chiropractor last year and he did not help. My PT is in the same building with my Fibro Doctor if fact they kind of share space, so I think my PT is quite familar with Fibro. I don't think I have mentioned that my Doctor is Dr. Mark Pellegrino. You may have read some of his books. He has Fibro himself and this is the PT he uses. I know that it is different for everyone, so I am thinking I will talk to my Doctor when I go back in, he only perscribe the PT for 12 visits and I have been 7 times already. Also does anyone have problems with their hands and fingers swelling? I have been tested for carpal tunnel and I don't have that, but today I had to take all my rings off, because of the swelling.
    Thanks again!

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