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    I love my mom! She's so good to me and helps me. At the age of 80, she gets out of the car faster than I do. She is a widow for 1 yr now. She's very independent and does more in a day than I can in 3 days. I'm just so proud of her.

    It's not my best pic. I'm not smiling, cause my knees are killing me, but my mom's 4'll" and she's seated. Just thought I'd explain the pained looked on my face. We're trying to put our heads together (lol), but with my fibro and arthritic knees and her arthritic back, it's the best we could do. [This Message was Edited on 02/22/2007]
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    What a Beautiful Picture of You and Your Mom! I Really Miss my Mom who Passed away of Alhzimers 3 years ago,,,But it is really great to see Mom and Daughter photos!,,,,Does my Heart Good!

    My Gramma was 4'11 too and was soo sweet just like your Mom!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,,,Sydney
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    Wow, your mom is 80? I'd guess 70, tops. You have pretty hair.

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    It's great that you have such a good relationship with your mom. My mom is gone and I miss her everyday!
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    Thanks for everyone's nice reply.

    lindy139 - the crocheted item was done by my grandma, she's gone many years now. My mom's mom died before my mom married. My dad's mom was the only grandma I had. My mother has no interest in crocheting, but I do. Wow, you have an eye for detail, I hardly noticed it, myself.

    sisland - I spend a lot of time with my Mom. There is only one house between us so, I'm always there for her and she's always there for me. I'm 5' 5" so Mom always saves the dishes that go on the top shelves for me to put away when I go over to her house. She told a fib on her driver's liscense years ago and stated she's 5', just to make her fell better. We all tease her about it.

    myjoy - I'll let Mom know you guessed 70, it will really make her day.

    mollystwin - Mom and I had a lot of problems for years. The teenage years were awful. I spent too many years blaming my parents for my character flaws. I've matured a lot and with the help of a wonder therapist, last year, I now appreciate my mother and we have a wonderful relationship, finally.
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    Nic pic. You don't look pained. You look thoughtful.

    My mother lived to be 83 but she wouldn't let her picture be taken after she got to be 60.

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    Where have I been? In therapy last year. I didn't post or go to chit-chat, because I felt like I had to work on my own problems and didn't feel like I could share or had anything worthy to talk about. Do you understand?

    I had a lot of "stuff" fall on my head within the past year and half. My dad died, I was forced to quit my job, I filed for disability, and was in grief, only didn't know it. I couldn't understand why I was so depressed.

    A wonderful conselor helped and healed me, of course, I did a lot of the work also. I'm new and improved, now! lol

    How about yourself - sounds like lots has happened in your world also?

    Love ya, Sees