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    My step-sons surgery went very well as exspected. Hes fighting the rest though and we are having trouble getting him to realize that rest is necessary. (He had tonsilectomy). His adenoid was perfect so thank god they didnt have to remove it. Hes 9 yrs old but his energy level (mentality too) is like a 5 yr old. Anyway, he is doing very well so thank you for prayers.

    Im actually in a full-flare Im assuming because of the stress of the surgery and not sleeping, etc. Please say a small prayer for me. My skin is burning really bad, the pain by mid-day is excruciating and again, not sleeping well at all. Im also somewhat down and out today and teary eyed. Just overwhelmed again. All the "little worries" seem to be adding up to one big one.

    My best friends pre-mature nephew doing "ok". He was born at 27 weeks not 26 like I mentioned in the other Post from last week. They found him to have something wrong with one of his wrists/hands and he also has a clubbed foot. Thses things are fixable thank God when/if he grows big and strong. His little life is a day-to-day thing right now.

    Thank you for prayers for him, but I ask for continued prayers. Yesterday they did brain ultra-sound and found "two things not right" inside the brain. They wouldnt say what but its cause for concern. They cant say whether or not hes retarded or brain damaged or what. So, again, all will tell in due ime. Raise him up in prayer please and pray for his little life to be touched by angels and him to be one of Gods most incredible miracles inwhich we all know that God does create. (His name is Zachary).

    ok...so those are my updates. Bottom line, Step-son did great and is doing very well thus far, Im a mess again and need a prayer or two for relief, and baby Zachary needs ALOT of prayers to help him overcome his many many days of obsticles ahead (and his parents Bobby and Jan too).
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    I hope you are feeling a little better, I also am praying for a quick recovery for your stepson, & that God will put His hand on little Zachary. It is tough when any family members are ill, so I pray for your friends as well that God will give them & you His peace & strength to go through what ever is ahead for this wee boy.