UPDATES on IV Glutathione use anyone???

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    My son received an IV to help detox from Lyme herxing, he could feel a difference in a few hours and was definitely feeling a LOT better the next day, and the rest of the week. His LLMD said only to do it once about every 4-5 weeks for detox effects.

    I read the last posts about this from last January (07), some were doing IVs (my son's was only $50! btw, some of the prices quoted were outrageous!) as well as nebulized, apparently the consensus is that nebulized is cheaper but not as big of a bang for the buck...

    Anyway, was just wondering who all is still doing it and/or newly doing it, and how you all are doing.

    Also, here's an interesting article, in the next post, online from our hosts here...
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    The Detox Drip with Glutathione: A New Approach to Healing From Chronic Illness



    By Michelle Alpert, D.O.

    The world we’re living in today is a toxic minefield — from vaccines to pesticides to antibiotic-laden foods to mercury-poisoned fish to pollution both indoors and outdoors. It’s no wonder so many people are suffering from fatigue and chronic illness, as well as chronic infections with viruses, bacteria and fungi. In order to detoxify, I recommend a very effective detoxification “drip” to my patients. My patients know I believe in it, because I get it myself. On long, busy workdays, I can often be found at my office desk, conducting consults with an IV drip that is helping heal my body even as I help heal my patients.

    This specialized “detox” intravenous drip is one that has helped patients of mine with chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme disease, multiple sclerosis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. It contains typical vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, B5 and B6, but more importantly, it contains precursors to glutathione, as well as glutathione itself. The precursors include two amino acids, glycine and cysteine. Together with glutathione, they pack a powerful punch that truly assists the body in meeting the demands of modern life.

    There is a remarkable amount of evidence that glutathione is hugely important in detoxification, and has so many benefits that it can help patients with a range of conditions. Glutathione is found in every cell in your body. Glutathione scavenges free radicals, detoxifies heavy metals, helps ferry amino acids into the cells, helps in bile production, and much more.

    Because of all its capacities, glutathione is crucial in maintaining immunity. We don’t get a lot of glutathione in our diet and even then, not much is absorbed directly into the blood. Glutathione is synthesized by our bodies from amino acids. If our bodies cannot make enough glutathione to keep up with the chronic toxic load from infections and poisons, we may end up with immune dysfunction. Stress can also deplete glutathione, because increased adrenaline suppresses glutathione production.

    In animal studies, glutathione has been shown to protect against liver cancer; it has also been used in humans to protect them from kidney damage from chemotherapy drugs. It protects kidney function in patients undergoing bypass surgery. In aerosol form, glutathione quenches inflammation in cystic fibrosis patients. This wonderful substance has even been shown to increase insulin production in older individuals who have impaired sugar metabolism. Glutathione also seems to inhibit herpes viruses and has been shown to help reduce viral load in hepatitis C patients.

    David Perlmutter, a Florida neurologist, found that intravenous glutathione helps relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione increases sensitivity to dopamine, which is depleted in Parkinson’s. It may also protect against neurotoxins that may be implicated in the disease. Dr. Perlmutter gave 1400 milligrams of intravenous glutathione three times a week to his Parkinson’s patients, whose symptoms improved, while they were able to reduce the amount of their drugs.

    Similarly, Dr. Patricia Kane and Dr. Neil Speight believe they have developed an effective approach to chronic fatigue, lyme disease and neurological illnesses by detoxifying the body with intravenous glutathione and intravenous lipids. As they write in the Townsend newsletter, “GSH infusion by fast intravenous push has been a remarkable tool to unload the body burden of heavy metals and neurotoxins in both pediatric and adult patients.”

    In my own practice, I add glutathione as a “chaser” (at the very end of a detox drip, to help prevent any oxidation—since glutathione oxidizes easily when exposed to air or in the presence of certain minerals). I have given this to patients with multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, HIV, lyme disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, hepatitis C, or just garden variety stress and fatigue. One hepatitis C patient’s liver values returned to normal and she resumed a full teaching schedule at her university after a series of detox drips. Another patient with chronic lyme disease finds that weekly detox drips with glutathione improve her neurological symptoms of buzzing, burning and fatigue. My own nurse uses glutathione in fighting off colds.

    Because oral glutathione is not well absorbed, I have also begun to experiment with nebulized glutathione, which patients can take at home between detox drips. According to a study in Alternative Medicine Review in 2000, nebulized glutathione has had remarkable success in emphysema and other lung disorders such as asthma and bronchitis. It appears that inhalation may have a systemic effect. Some patients are having even greater success with this combination.

    Michelle Alpert can be reached by emailing her at drmichellealpert@yahoo.com or calling her office at 212-675-9343.

    Where to get glutathione:

    Preservative-free intravenous glutathione is available from Wellness Pharmacy in Alabama, (800) 880-5882. Wellness Pharmacy also offers glutathione in nasal sprays and oral formulations.

    For those who do not have access to treatment with intravenous glutathione, whey protein has been found to increase cellular glutathione.

    Sublingual glutathione is available, and although there are no solid studies proving its effectiveness, it may be helpful.

    Nebulized glutathione can be used at home under your doctor’s guidance. Key Pharmacy (800-878-1322) can provide glutathione in this form, along with a nebulizer, both by prescription.

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    i get them as I can afford them. Pay twice wot u do. Wot a rip-off but can't find them cheaper.

    Feel much better after them. My infectious disease doc Joe Brewer feels this is the best way of supplementing glutathione.

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    Do you take it orally as well as a pill, sublingual, or nebulized? How often did your doctor say to do it? I'm thinking how often one should do it might depend on what critters one is most likely dealing with, perhaps...


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    I really couldn't say if it helped much. I thought it did at the time, esp. with sleep, but now I'm not so sure.

    I do teh whey ....immunopro.. off and on. Can't figure out if it's helping and it seems to be contraindicated for some people acccording to Yasko.

    Not sure if I buy that theory.. that if you have a certain gene variation you can't tolerate sulphur donors such as whey or some such.

    Don't do pills/sublinguals cos i read they don't get past the stomach.

    Long story short, the IVs seem to help, although I have to sleep afterwards.

    My doc said to do one a week, but probably cos of the $$$$ factor. I am gonna try 2 a week.

    Wish I could find a cheaper source.

    Google Rich Van Konynenburg, glutathione for more info. He wrote a paper on the various different forms/routes some time ago. It's on teh phoenix rising site.

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    does them and is a big proponent too.. i believe.

    She has Lyme. She's also big on hyperbaric oxygen. Has her own home chamber.. FWIW>

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    Hi Victoria,
    I recovered from 3 discrete episodes of CFS triggered by viral infections over the last 30 years, but on the most recent (4rth) was not recovering and completely collapsed. I went on intramuscular shots of glutathione and then increasing amounts of IV glutathione over a period of about 9 months. It brought me from mentally and phsycially disabled to being able to go back to work half time. My current dose is 600 mg IV glutathione twice per week.

    A 3 month course of IV gamma globulin brought me back to 3/4 time at work but the effects faded after a few months (though I don't get any flu bugs from others anymore ;^). I've recently started Valcyte which appears to be working embedded virus issue (can tell from daily activity level but won't get viral panel for another couple weeks).

    I had LOTS of herxing-type reactions from the glutathione and each time we increased the dose, experienced them again so if your son intends to increase the amount or frequency, watch for these potential problems and go up gradually. (maybe he won't have the same initial bad reaction I did... hope he doesn't)

    $50 is a very inexpensive cost for the IV glut treatment.


  8. victoria

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    I will look up the source you mentioned DeliaR, I think we will be able to get them as needed closeby. It is really sad that so many doctors do take advantage of pts with chronic illnesses, is all I can say! Very sad!

    Ed, that's really interesting how you used it for viral infection, I will have to keep that in mind. Right now my son is doing it to just detox from the herxing caused by the abx for Lyme and Babesia and, as I said, it produced the opposite reaction and thankfully gave him a real lift!

    BTW, my son also did HBOT for a while. It helped for a few months, but ultimately seemed to be helping to cause a bigger herx while on the abx, so he's discontinued it for the time being as it was more than he could handle. I know in the beginning of HBOT he got a real lift from that as well, with or without abx, and it would last for a while as well. If that had continued happening, we might've just bought a home unit ultimately.

    Hopefully only doing the glutathione IVs 1X/month will keep detoxing him... his LLMD said more than that would be too much and likely cause the opposite to happen -- but not because it would be killing the bacteria... I don't remember the explanation exactly, he speaks rather quickly LOL! I should tape the sessions sometime I guess!

    all the best,

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    Yes, I do both.
    IV glutathione is really helpful. It's just a matter of getting to the doc's office and getting stuck. My veins--we have to find new ones eventually.

    I used to get it every week but haven't been able to do that since last winter. I try to get it every other week. I don't think i'd like twice a week simply because of the frequent needle sticks.
  10. deliarose

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    Can u say what u pay for a glut IV?

    The glutathione is actually very cheap if you check with the pharmacies that sell it. It's the doctors who ratchet up the cost.

  11. victoria

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    for more responses...

    Jen, so you don't do it to detox tho? Is this because you have a viral infection, or --?

    all the best,

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    Though the IV glutathione does have some interaction with resolving viral issues, the issue for me is a little different. The embedded virus itself is likely the cause of my mitochondrial dysnfunction.

    Glutathione is known as a detox agent. And... I went through plenty of very uncomfortable detox/herx-type problems during the 9 months. If anyone was contemplating this type of treatment, I would definitely suggest moving up in dose in steps, wait for the herx-type reaction to stop at that dose (for me, I had to stay at a level for about a month at a time), then proceed to the next increase. I plot my increase oin activity vs dose.... I reached a point of diminishing return at 600 mg twice a week. My next step was Valcyte which I started 3 weeks ago.

    Regarding cost... There are 2 components two the treatments. There's the cost of the IV quality gluathione and then the cost to administer the IV. In the Houston area, the cost to have the I.V. service provided is $150-300; so I've learned to self administer the IV. The other cost is for the glutathione. You can get it as inexpensive as about $6 per 300mg vial from a mail order source (Wellness Pharmacy) or as expensive as $50 per 300 mg vial from a local Houston compounding pharmacy. Unfortunately for me, when I switched to the mail order source, I experienced some unusual and signficant (non-herx) side-effects. It may have been co-incidental but it was the issues were signficant enough that I went back to the more expensive source (and the side-effects went away). One day I might try it again, but not for awhile. I'll first see how the Valcyte works.

    I hope this is helpful info,

  13. EdBartchy

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    I just wanted to mention that my particular IV glutathione dose is much higher than typical. My doc usually finds that once to twice a month is the max typical required.

    Best Regards,

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    I'm not sure the dosage received by my son, but I do know that his doc orders from Wellness... and my son had good results thankfully, as he really needed to 'lift' or 'booster'. Wow, that is really a big difference in prices just for administering something basically so simple!

    But as to quality, that is interesting, wonder if there's a way to 'quantify' the difference between labs. And who knows... so many things/side effects could be possible with our mixtures of diseases. I did think they were all preservative free at least tho

    Hope it continues to work for you, I'm curious as to how my son will do the next time he gets an IV.

    All the best,

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    I'm very interested in getting Myer's cocktail and Glutatione IV or shots anywhere in Chicago. Does anyone know of a doctor or infusion service?

    I currently nebulize glut for MCS. It's been very helpful. My body tells me when it's time to nebulize.
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    Dr Andrea Rentea offers glut IVs, $120 a time.. She's on Peterson Av.
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    can u explain how u learned to self-adminsiter the glut IVs?
  18. EdBartchy

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    IV Glutatione can be obtained via the internet (mail order) through Wellness Pharmacy; it's much less expensive. www.wellnesshealth.com My particular reaction may have been coincidental due to other treatments or be specific to me. My understanding is that this company supplies many doctors with glutathione for IV use. I'm not advocating their use nor disuading anyone from using them. You do need a doctor's prescription to order it.

    The source I use is from a Houston compounding pharmacy but can only, to my knowledge, be obtained through Dr Salvato's office. This is not a money making scheme by this doc as she does not add anything to the purchase price from the pharmacy. It's simply that it's wise, in my opinion, to not start this kind of thing without some testing, diagnosis, and initially under supervision in the doctors office. (Just my opinion) Also, based on the visit and lab tests, Dr Salvato might suggest another line of treatment.

    Regarding the I.V. You have to find an RN or physician who is willing to train you. Maintaining proper sterilization, being able to "stick" yourself, not puncturing all the way through the vein, having someone to assist with one of the connections to the I.V. drip bag (can't do it one handed) are all important aspects of this kind of self administration. The last thing you want to do is get an infection on top of the CFS.

    Best Regards,

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    I would like more information, how can I get more information?