Updte on Shep's heart problems

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    After going to my heart doctor and having him read my stress test results; he feels I do not need a heart cath at this time. He said my results were "no change from last one and your arteries were clear at that time."
    He feels the "heart racing and high pluse rate" are a result of anxiety and lack of sleep.
    I am going to his office today to get a halter monitor to wear for a few days for him to get a better understanding of these episodes.
    He did suggest I reduce my Cymbalta from 160mg to 80mg. After doing that I have not had any more episodes of the heart racing and that was a week ago; but my pain is coming back more. Maybe a dosage of somewhere between 160 and 80 would be a good compromise. I will know more later.
    Thanks to all of you for your replies and concern and prayer.
    Love and prayers for all of you,
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    I`m glad to hear your not needing any heart surgery at this time. I have the racing heart too and high pulse rate. I also had chest pain for a year but it is settled down some now. I too take cymbalta but I only take 60 mg. I can`t go any higher then that or I have anxiety attacks.

    These are very stressful symptoms and it worries me too if my heart is ok. It seems my doctor just doesn`t take them seriously. It makes me mad and I am looking around for a new doctor.

    I wish you relief from these scary symptoms and good luck with your holter test. Keep us updated on how your doing.