upped dosage on lunesta!

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    I figured, what the hell... I've tried 1mg, 2mg and last night tried the 3mg dose! What a difference! I took it at 11:00 at 11:30 I passed out and next thing I know it was 6:30 in the morning. What a difference 1mg can make with that stuff.. Have a little more energy today(first time i've slept like that since june)... Somehow I pulled a muscle in my neck and can't turn my head to the left or up.... Was fine in the am but when I got out of the shower I was almost in tears..

    Just wanted to let you know how I made up upping to the max dose.....
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    When my GP finally agreed to Rx the max dose of zopiclone (like lunesta) it made a big difference. Every now and then I go back to a smaller dose, but that just confirms I need the higher one atm.

    Zopiclone does not work 100% every night but I always get some sleep. As a result of everything else I am doing the zopiclone works very well most nights now, and of course now I am sleeping better, all the other things can work better.

    I find I can wake up after 4-5 hours, but if I relax I go off the sleep again. The great thing about lunesta is the odds of developing tolerance to it are low. If it works on this dose there's a good chance that will continue for as long as you need it.

    Sorry about the pulled muscle in your neck; hope it heals soon.

    love, Tansy
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