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    For the last month or so, I've been experiencing what feels like muscular pain (*not* burning pain) in my upper arms, especially the right one. It started out mostly in one area of my arm muscle about 3 or 4 inches below my shoulder. I don't remember which arm it started in, because now it seems to be in both arms. Sometimes the pain extends down my arm, but other times it stays pretty localized. There's a pretty constant dull ache, but the big problem is that when I reach for something, it hurts like crazy. And I keep forgetting about that and reaching anyway! :^(

    Tylenol and aspirin don't seem to help. Neurontin hasn't helped this much, either, nor has Fioricet. Sometimes stretching my neck and shoulder muscles help with the reaching, but the ache in the muscle continues. It feels as if I had a shot in the arm. The odd thing is that since Nov. 1, I've been getting intramuscular shots of Avonex for my MS once a week--in the thigh, not the arm! But the leg doesn't hurt.

    I guess it's possible that the pain in my arms might be related to the Avonex, but I haven't been able to find anybody else on Avonex who's experienced quite the same thing. (Temporary flu-like symptoms are a common side effect of Avonex, but that usually goes away within 24 hours and involves more generalized achiness.)

    Does this pain in the upper arms sound like something related to FM?

    --Laura R.M.

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    on the right!!! and it sometimes hurts down my arm into my wrist.... some days it doesn't.... I had a small injury when trying to lift weights ( per my rheumie's advice *DUH* ) and the arm has not recovered since julyish... It intensifies and then is maybe even bearable a few days then comes back.... I don't take avonex and have never been evaluated for MS "because you I have fibro"..... pitiful excuse for medical care in america. Good luck... I rest mine and use alot of heat!!