upper leg and hip pain

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    I am new to the board but here goes. Ha! I was reading a posting by greatgrannie from some time ago on upper leg and hip pain. I have three bulging discs and have had severe (off and on) sciatic pain in my left leg for nearly 20 years. Recently it also moved into my right leg in which the pain was even worse. I have gone to my chiropractor for years as the maintenance does not get rid of the pain but I can't imagine what it would be without it. I had a brain tumor removed about 8 years ago and they damaged a nerve which controls coughing in the body. I woke up from surgery with this terrible cough which has only gotten worse thru the years and has caused alot of damage to my ribs, created 3 bulging discs, bowel problems, urine problem and has caused my sciatica problems to be much worse. I do alot of research on my own because we have to to survive this problem. In my research on YouTube I ran across a female chiropractor who told and showed exactly how to do it, an exercise that she said was the only exercise you needed to do for sciatica. I was skeptical but desperate so I started doing it that very day and I can honestly say that I felt a difference after the very first exercise and after about three days I very seldom have pain from the sciatica in either leg. I do the exercise every other day but you could do it every day if you wanted. I am sorry I can't tell you exactly where it is but it involved putting your bottom as close to a wall as you can with both legs up the wall and then doing a stretch on both legs. Very simple and I am sure if you go on YouTube under chiropractic/sciatica exercise you will spot it immediately. Nothing I have ever done in my life has helped me as much as this exercise which also tells me that exercise is a big part of the cure for these problems we suffer from. I am sure this will help someone. God bless you all.