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  1. tazzycat

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    I was wondering if any of you have experienced the following: my rhumetologist wrote in his visit record that I paced the room and moved around alot well I was in a painful flare up I told him that also, I had to wait in waiting room 30 min. He wrote that he found this bizarre and sid I should see a psycologist in case there was a psycological issue. I did see one due to the fact this illness is stressful.anyways I felt that a rhumetologist who supposedly sees fibro patients would be able to see what pain flare ups do - i have my second appt. scheduled with him tomorrow and I am torn whether to cancel it or to go and tell him how uneducated that comment was. He along with my family dr. would not say that I needed to take time off my job teaching they both said go back to work which I did not, I have my hands ful exercising , pacing myself to try to stay out of a pain flarup and taking care of my son with down syndrome. I did mention how i was upset with him to my psycologist. Anyone experience this type of insensitive comment from a dr. who specializes in fibro? what should I do??????????????
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    Your doctor is not very understanding and certainly not sensitive to your pain. If a doctor told me something I did was bizarre, I'd never go back. There is no reason for him to talk to you like that. What did your psychologist tell you? What would you do if you went to get your hair done and your hairdresser told you that you acted bizarre? Would you go back? Do you give a tip to a rude waiter? Just because there is an M.D. after someone's name doesn't give him or her the right to insult you. You've got enough stress - you don't need it from your healthcare professional.

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    A statement you made is so very true. Some doctors believe because they have MD after their name it gives them the right to be rude and treat you like you are a nothing person. I ran into the rudest man I ever saw!! I told him he was intimidating and "off he went" he told me any problems were because of me etc. I refused to even answer him when he asked if I was coming back the second time.I just looked him in the eyes and let him get the answer. There have to be some good (at least decent and polite ) doctors out there, I would look for one.
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    I have become very cynical over the medical professional over the past 5years. In fact, I am getting ready to start putting my local hospital and it's doctors on the spot.
    My theory is they have Insurance companies and Lawyers to answer to, plus some of them have embraced the concept of preventive medicine and don't really want the hassles of the paper work and the time constraints we represent to them. You mentioned shortly about maybe leaving work. The paperwork and time they would have to put into your treatment if you decided to not continue on working requires a certain amount of what they consider unpaid time.
    I think I'd find some doctors that interested in you and your health.
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    I used to take insults and putdowns from cold, uncaring, clinical doctors because I thought I had to. Now I tell them what I think of their bad attitude and find another doctor. If you don't feel that a doctor is empathic and supportive of your health concerns, find another one. If we don't stand up for ourselves, who will?

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    is of no concern to them. I would let him know how arougant his comment was if I went back and I would not see him again. Have you looked for a doc here under the doc find on this page? We found ours there and love him, but, I did interview him first. Good luck and find a doctor that treats the whole person. Kim and Gary
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    with what everyone else has said. DUMP HIM! Find a GOOD dr. I had what I thought was a good dr. for years, but when my fibro raised it's ugly head and could no longer be denied, not only did he not know what was wrong with me, but he started acting like all I wanted was drugs. I then went to a rheumy that diagnosed me, but I didn't like him so never went back. I found the wonderful doc I have now by contacting our local Arthritis Foundation which led me to a support group and a list of drs. in the area that specialized in fibro. By the time I found him tho, I had been so abused and mistreated by other docs that it probably took me a year to really trust him and not have severe anxiety on the day of my appt. I've seen him once a month for 5 years now and wouldn't trade him for the world. I also take my husband to every appt. with me, sometimes he can speak up when I can't.

    Hang in there and find a good doc.

    Gentle hugs,
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    All I got to say is that any doctor that says he knows about Fibro ought to know that when we are in pain especially in the legs, buttocks, or back that it certainly helps us to stretch those muscles some. If it be by walking around or whatever! But even that only helps the pain temporarly, and really the more we move and stretch during the day is definately gonna catch up with us at night! But you do what you gotta do from moment to moment to get some ease! I wish there was a way for us to really get there attention, like getting their liscence revoked or something when they treat people like us so unfairly!! There has to be a way to make them give us the proper medical care we deserve!! Good Luck & GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!
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    I put up with junk like that for a year and a half. Stupid me! Now I see a Dr. who understands fibro. and all it's ramifications. Get rid of this uneducated, loser Dr. I wasted so much time-----don't make my mistake.
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    I wouldn't want to go back to that doctor.I think if possible i would find another specialist in your area.Doctor really don't consider our pain when they do treat people with it.I went to a rhumetoogist and she told me I should be ashamed of myself for not working.I was a teacher and it was my dream-at the time I was aching inside not to work.What a nerve she had.Oh and SSD took her report seriously and I lost my case!If it does not go better with your doctor find another-oh and stand up for yourself!!!!
  11. tazzycat

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    well, it does seem what i experienced is no new news to anyone it is just part of this cycle but i am not going to go back to that rhummetologist - i do have enough hurdles to cross besides dealing or educating him! thanks for all your support!!!!! Tazzycat
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    Im so tired of Docs judging our behavior and emotions, this really sets me off... tell him you would like to observe his behavior if he had his Testicles put in a "vice" and squeezed nice and tight, then observe and see if he stands still and is calm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless, dont put up w/his BS and get another doc, That is very judgemental and ignorant to write.... Ill be praying for you, Iggy
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    Having worked as a nurse for several years (a long time ago) I have to say, doctors are just people also who can have very screwed up personalities. Some are like saints, others can be terrible. Doctors suffer from all the same problems everyone else does, including drug abuse. Their profession is noble, but they certainly do not have the right to use their position to intimidate or hurt you emotionally. This one sounds callous and very insensitive, little compassion. He is probably very unhappy in his life in general to act like that. What would be unusual for someone in pain and with alot of responsibilities to have anxiety - or just want to move around because you hurt. For myself, I probably would look for a new doctor. I have little tolerance for that type of behaviour. YOu are carrying a big load in your life and doing fabulous considering the illness you are coping with. I will pray for angels to surround and protect you from the hurtful behaviour of others.
  14. kckitty

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    get s asecond opinion-he sounds like one of those rheumyses
    that got their degree on the matchbook cover.
    my rheumy knows all the symtons and everything-it wouldnt hurt to see a shrink cuz ssi likes shrink's comments-i go to both.i see the shrink to get my narcotics becuz the rheumy's partners told him to dump his patients who were on narcotics!! she writes about the depression bit altho she does tend to minimize it-i still see the rheumy
    i am on 2 anti depressents- prozac and wellbutrin.
    they are saving my life and mental state but get a new rheumy-or go to your local support group page on line and see if there is a particular doctor (rheumy) that specializes in fibro and cfs.
    good luck