Upset and need some advice.

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    Hey everyone in the FMily!

    Just wanted to post and get some advice. I have been out of work for almost 2 months. I have a second interview at a local restaurant on Monday, even though I know I won't be able to keep whatever position they give me-even if I love the job-because of my FMS. Anyways, I have officially run out of cash reserves. I'm down to like $50 to my name! HELP! I don't know what to do! I hate to have to rely so much on my live-in boyfriend, especially when he still has problems dealing with this DD. I love him very much and I don't want to feel like a burden, but I don't know what to do!! Should I tell him or keep this to myself? Also, I may have to get a lawyer b/c I was turned down for SSDI and SSI. They said I hadn't paid into SS for a long enough time period before filing. Well, what about all those damn people out there who REALLY ARE faking it and still getting money? And all the kids (not that a lot of them aren't sick) that get it...they NEVER paid into SS, so how the Hell do they get it!? God, I'm so frustrated right now. I kind of wish I could crawl under a rock and hide for a while. Any advice is appreciated, and thanks for listening even if this was a long post.

    Friends in Fibro,

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    Bumping so I can get advice before it goes to the second page.

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    Social Security always tries to scare you off. They hope that you will get frustrated and scared and quit. If you give up then they think that they are right and you really didn't need it.

    Take it from me, I got upset and let it drop and still couldn't work and was still in need. I had to file all over again. I lost the opportunity to get alot of back pay because of all the time they spent denying me. I had to start all over again with a new case.

    Don't let them win. This is how they TRY to weed out the phonies and others that don't really need it. "If she really needed it, she wouldn't have given up so easily."

    You can apply for welfare, stay allowing your boyfriend to support you or WHATEVER you have to do to survive until they see that you are in real need.

    As far as not putting in enough time, that just means that you have to get a different kind of SS. I didn't have enough either and I now get SSI, supplemental security income. Don't give up, we are not quitters, no matter what.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers,
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    Oh dear Tara.....SS is a nightmare for sure BUT, don't give into them. They turned me down twice before I got it and often it takes til the 3rd hearing to get thru to them. Also you should be eligable for SSI which is what we file for when they can't seem to find our 10 years in the system. That is what I qualified for though I have worked for years but I have been self-employed for most of it. Many people end up with atty.s which isn't a bad deal if you are having such a bad time. There is a book I found on the internet which is very helpful with finding your way thru the system. Give this a try and let me know if you can find what you need or not. Information is the power tool we need with this situation and knowing where to find help has been a miracle for me. Wish I would have had a clue when I got hurt just where I might get help and support like this board has. Take Care and if I can be of help let me know. God Luck and hang in there.HUGS.....Pam
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    Thanks for the great advice everyone! I appreciate all the help. Thanks also for standing behind's been a tough time and I am glad I can come here whenever I need a shoulder to cry on.

    Friends in Fibro,

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    Between being turned down for medical reasons and for not having enought quarters of work. SSD eligibility depends on having worked and paid into FICA. If you don't qualify, it does no good to reapply until you have worked the required amounts of time. You can check with an atty., but I imagine he or she will tell you the same.

    Try to find out whether you qualify for any local social services.

    Love, Mikie