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    Well I just don't know what to do about this one. Had a contractor in the house yesterday. He even asked me if I had anything for pain and indegestion. I offered Advil and Rolaids. He took them. I did have my bottle of pain meds on my bedside table and I took them and put them in the drawer. Now they are gone! I am so glad I had split them up and had a half of bottle in another place. (Lost a full bottle out of my purse last month). There was only 1 time for about 15 min I was out in the yard with the dogs. He had to do it then.

    Now what do I do? This particular bottle had about 20 percocet and 20 demoral. Can you believe this? I have made sure and looked everywhere this am.

    This guy was here previously and was telling me about an accident he had and broke his leg and couldn't get pain meds from the local hospitals. Sure looks guilty to me, huh? I hate stuff like this!

    Please help!
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    If the contractor stole your pain meds he is probably stealing pills from everyone he works for. If you know his name, please make a police report as he is probably a drug abuser. My husband is a criminal defense attorney and we see this all the time. This is a felony where I live and if he took your pills and was driving and crashed his car and killed someone, you would want the police to know that you did not give him the pills, he took them without your knowledge.

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    Definitely call the police.

    Burglary and unlawful posession of controlled substance are the minimum of criminal offenses he committed.

    If he's selling them, then that's posession with intent to distribute.

    Not to mention, that if this guy has a drug problem, you may be doing him the biggest favor of his life - bringing it to light and forcing him to deal with it - saving his life.

    Plus, the police report will give you documentation to have your doctor issue new prescriptions due to theft.

    Madame Curie
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    Cathy please make a police report-------and let the police talk w/ him-----maybe check for fingerprints????--------did you report the bottle that was taken last time????? I do not think your doc will give you more w/out the report--------------let us know what happens--------------i keep my meds w/ me at all times------------locked at work --------and at home!!!!!!!------------------sorry this has happened to you!!!!!!LOVE TO ALL----------------LAURA
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    Did he take your pill bottle or just take pills out of it? If he re-sells your pills then he is a dealer and not a addict. He can make good money on the street selling pain medications and such. Believe me when I say that we have clients that do this all the time and they don't think about the consequences of what happens if they get caught. Either he is a dealer or a addict and is not able to get prescriptions for himself and has to steal them from others. Your Dr. will need to see something showing that your pills were taken and on what date so he doesn't put some note in your file that you are asking for pills before it is time.

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    I swear you can't trust anyone anymore when it comes to your pain meds.

    My poor father has to lock all his up in a safe so that my brother or my mother can't get to them. How awful is that!!! I'm so mad on his behalf.

    We have this guy that lives near us and all of us neighbors get together in the evenings and talk. Well he comes over talking about how he has one codeine left and only one more day to feel good. I don't think this guy is all there so I ignore him. The thing is he got this med from his dentist and his mouth is fine now, but he has been taking them everyday now for I think about over a week. He's just doing it for a high. Geeze he makes me sick. Of course he kinda hints to me and everyone around about all his aches and pains hoping that they will give him more.

    I really HATE people like that. You just want to smack em' because of them they making it harder on patients that do hurt for real.

    Anywho, this subject brought up a lot of pent up angry since it's so close to home. Sorry about that don't want to hijack the thread...

    As everyone else has said. You will most likely find the proof you need if you do finger prints on the bottle if you still have it or do a print test for your draw and it's handle. I wouldn't wait to do it though.

    If he doesn't take them for his self then he is going to sell them to others and we don't want that to happen.

    Hope everything turns out right for you Cathy.

    Take Care,
    Treca :)
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    Plus if your name is on that bottle and it gets into the wrong hands you could be accused of a crime.They could think you sold them .Your Doctor could think its just a story to get more for yourself.And I would be afraid that guy could come back to rob you weather you are home or not.
    I'm sure you realize you really need to report this and ask for a copy of the report for your doctor if you need another prescription.
    Be careful and take care of your self.
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    If he took a couple of tylenol with codeine and left you with the rest of the bottle, then he did something wrong, dishonest and criminal. But you likely would not have noticed.

    An entire bottle had to be much easier to just grab. Twenty percocet and 20 demerol are either 1)a serious, lenghty high or 2)a LOT of cash if he sells them.

    By the way, I have had meds disappear. Not fun when you need a pain pill, and it is GONE.

    This contractor needs to face criminal charges for what he did. Please report him, and get a police report sent to your doctor's office. As you will hear from those who work in the doctor's office, 'somebody stole them' is pretty common if a patient wants his script filled early, because he is abusing them. This gives you credibility at the doctor's office, and if the DEA looks into why your doctor refilled your script early, there will be a police report for them to follow up on.

    I would say that there is about a 99% probability that he has done this to somebody else. If getting him in 'trouble' makes you nervous, look at what devastation he may be causing somewhere else. What if a legitimate pain patient gets cut off? Early requests for refills can make some doctors nervous enough to quit prescribing for that patient.

    Here's the scary part: what if he comes back for more after a month or two- and he's not so friendly, or he breaks into your house when you are gone?

    Good for you, keeping your meds in more than one place.

    Do us all a favor and call the police.

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    ... to someone I know.

    Contractors with access to a friend's house stole a brand new bottle of Xanax. My friend filed a police report and fired the contractors.

    Unbelievable. Did these guys think they were gonna get away with it?
  10. TxSongBird

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    or if you filed a police report. Don't wait too long as the longer you wait, the less the cops will believe you.

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    during real estate Open Houses. There was a recent huge article in the L.A. Times about people stealing prescription drugs during Open Houses. People would actually go through drawers and search for drugs.

    You should file a police report. If you have any fear about the contractor coming back ask the police how you should proceed.

    Good luck!
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    If he took the bottle and it did have refills on it, call the pharmacy and let them know. Also tell them to put a note in your file that says "must show ID" to pick up RX's. I had to do this because there are too many people I know that abuse meds and that know what I take. I was afraid they would just call the pharmacy and say they needed so and so prescription filled and go pick it up.

    Also I agree you need to make a police report as soon as possible.
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    I didn't mean to shout, but you MUST file a report with the police, even if you don't have proof that this person is the one who took your medication!

    Wherever it is, the bottle may still have your name on it. If someone is caught with that bottle, they can claim that you GAVE or SOLD it to them! Then you would be in the position of defending YOURSELF!

    This happened to me about a year ago, and my doctor and pharmacist both told me to file a police report. Also, contact your doctor and get a copy of the police report to him so that he is aware of what happened and can put it in your medical records. It is VITAL that these types of medications are tracked - especially if you lose them or have them stolen!

    Good luck,

    julie (is free!)

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    I am so sorry this happened to you. I can relate as when I moved, I had some zomig for headaches and have lost them once, which I'm SURE they are here somewhere, and had some sample packs and was putting them ALL into 1 box and when I had a headache, I couldn't find them. I finally fiquerd out that I threw the wrong sample box away that contained the zomig and ended up with a box of information on the meds, DUH!

    My Dr. tells everyone of his patients that if you lose your meds, that's it. Can not refill until refill time. He says it's the patient's responsibility to keep up with their meds and I can understand his point.

    I DO feel for you because you not only miss your meds, they aren't cheap.

    Bless your heart,


    PS: I agree with everyone about reporting the contractor. He surely wasn't thinking of anyone else but himself. [This Message was Edited on 05/19/2006]
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    My SIL had to call an ambulance to her house for her father. After they had left she discovered that her purse was gone.

    The ambulance service insisted someone must have come in during the comotion and stolen it. Yeah, right. One of the ambulance crew took advantage of the situation and stole it.

    She reported it to the ambulance service and the police, but since the door was open while the EMT's worked on her dad the police said there was nothing they could do. They couldn't prove whether it was or wasn't the EMT.

    I have my pain meds in my purse. I will now split them up into at least two places! Thanks for posting this, I wouldnt' have thought about losing them if you hadn't.

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    I have a cleaning woman and even though I am home while she cleans, I put my Xanax and Lortabs in a locked computer drawer and put both keys in my pocket until she leaves.

    Not that I don't trust her, I just want to make sure nothing is tempting to her.
    Sometimes I leave the room--my office, while she is vacuuming to use the bathroom. This way I don't worry. I do leave my pill boxes out, but she would be a fool to go in there just to get Xanax. She is the only stranger in my house.

    My cleaning girl used to complain about back problems and my son would leave his Lortabs on the kitchen table, and I swear I saw the level of his pills go down. Now I put them away and keep them put away, but they aren't locked up.

    He only has about 4 pills left in his Rx with no refills. Basically he doesn't take them anymore.

    Sorry this happened to you. I guess you should call the police, but I would think you should have locked up all narcotic meds prior to the contractor being in your home.

    What about jewelry, did you check that too? I have never had to worry about anything with my cleaning girl, but then, I don't want to tempt her either.

    Sorry you had to go through this.

    Chester, VA
  17. FM_DD

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    Everyone, you aren't going to believe this, he did come back today (still had repairs to make) and I approached him and he gave them back to me! I told him I was going to call the police and I think I really scared him. I have told his boss and he won't be coming back. I do have a security system by the way...had someone try to break in before.

    Also, I will keep my meds locked up time! Thanks everyone. He was a young kid and I guess he thought he'd get away with it.
  18. ilovecats94

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    WakeMeUp was right. On my Lortabs and Xanax when I finish the bottle, I rip off the Rx and shred it for those two meds. I've been doing that for some time now.

    We have a cross cut shredder and I love it. The Rx receipts I file and when they get old I shred those too.

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    How strange! Did he not take any of the pills and did he have your bottle with him at your home the following day???
  20. TXFMmom

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    This guy may come back and try to get more and hurt you.

    Things like that happen, and he may have done this to other people, as well.

    You need your meds, and this guy must be stopped, for your protection and that of others.