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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 30, 2012.

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    I called my rehumy yesterday to make sure that he would be in his office when I called on Tuesday to get 3 scripts refilled. But instead of being there I got the answering machine. Dr.W. will be out of the office from January 30 to Febuary 6th. If this is an emergancy call 911 , if you want to cancel an appointment push 3, nothing was said about a doctor on call.

    I have been getting my Xanax, soma and vistierl filled every 30 to 36 days. Loast month was not a good month so I have used my soma like it is prescribed and will be out of it tomorrow. The other two I have at leasat 6 days left before I need them refilled.

    This happens so often that I call monthly to find out when he is going to be in the office. I feel like such a pain in the butt always asking when he is going to be in the office. I hate to sound like I am desprate and am panicing aboutmy scripts. Most of the time I do have a day or so left over so it does not matter if he is gone for a day or two but to be gone for a week and have no notice is upsetting to me. I had called a few weeks ago when I was getting my new script filled and was haveing some problems iwth teh pharmacy I was told that he would be in the office all month and Febuary as well. But he is not there now.
    I called the main clinic and found out that for some reason he had a DOCTOR on call for him. What a shock , this has never happened before. So I was put thru and the on call doctor's staff was willing to fill two of my three scripts. I have enough of the othere to last till he gets back. But I may call today and see if they are still on call for him and will call in the vistereil.

    I really hate to call his office every month to see if he is going to be in teh office or not. But I never know. The past few months when I have called for refills they have not been called in and that is a pain in the butt. And as soon as I call about them he is not in the office and I get told to call my primary care doctor and ask him to refill them , he won't does not like to use teh meds I am on now.

    And I can't afford to have him call in 6 days worth of the meds and then when Dr.W. gets back I haev to call him and have him fill the rest of the script. When each script is costing me $44.00 I can't afford to get a few days and then a full script.

    I don't know what to do about this situtaion, I Know that I need to talk to him about my driving papers that need to be filled out. I want to have him fill them out and let me take them to the Driver's license division so I know if I can or can't drive by the ranking he gives me.

    I hate it when he goes out of town so often and leaves his patients in a lurch with out their meds. Maybe it is only me but I doubt it. I don't like the feeling I get wh en I call to see if the doc will be in teh office on the date I need my meds refiled. I get the feeling that his staff thinks I am so desprate, and demanding, panicky, acting like I am addicted because I want to know that my doctor will be in his office when he says he will . Is that wrong of me to want? I have 5 meds that are filled at different times of the month. only three are filled every month at close to the same time. the other two pain pills are filled when I run out or them. So it can be 30 days, 35 days or 50 days. I am trying to use the least amont. I am not desperate about getting my meds rilled on time every month, I am just sick of my doctor not informeing his patients that he is leaving for two weeks here adn a month there and not leaving a doctor on call for him. I don't know who else to go to and I am getting tired of him being in his office when he is ssuposed to be. Sorry about sounding like I am whining but it irrates me to know that he does not care about me as a patient enough to let me know.

    I don't call to get extra meds on hand, I don't call him to get my meds early, I jsut call him to be there when I need him to be there, I am trying to use less of each medication as possiale. I am not desprate or begging for my meds. I am not addictied to them. Thanks for listening to me complain.
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    the next time you see your doctor, you should ask him if the PA or someone else in the office can authorize a prescription renewal for you besides him. You should not have to rely on one person only. I take regular asthma medication, and if the pharmacists needs to verify the renewal, they call the doctors office..he has renewals noted on my chart in case he is not there. Even if they can only authorize enoough for you until he returns to the office...I'm sure that would help.
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    My doctor is the only rehemy that is in town. He usually does not have some oen on call and I would have to all my GP who hates to call in my narcoitic scripts for the full perscritpion , he will only call in 4-5 days wprth of each med. That is way to spendy for me to have to pay $86.00 for five days worth of meds adn then have to pay that much again when my doctor comes back totwon and will fill the months worth of scripts. GP's don't like to prescribe teh stonger narcoitic pain meds sthat I have been taking. So I am up a creek with out a paddle. But I am going to talk to my rehumitologist as soon as I get a chace and make sure that I can get not my scripts when he is out of town.

    We don't have many doctors who treat pain, our only pain doctor does not believe in usuing pain meds at all. He use's Pt, steriod imjections , massage ect but no narcoitic pain meds. They are what I have been taking for the past 6 yrs or longer. So I am up a creek. I don't have a car to drive to another town to find another md who will treat me in a msilar manner with pain meds.

    We did have a great pain doctor but people didn't like it that he was prescripbing narcontics to his patients and he got in a great deal of trouble when two of his former patients complained about his bedside manner and took him to court. He was found not guilty but it still ruined his practice, some times living in small towns is a pain when it comes to getting the right kind of medical care you need.

    Thanks again for letting me vent.

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