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    Patient representatives please submit your response on behalf of your UK patients.
    policy in the UK and wessely school influences every patient worldwide. just mark your response patient representative.

    Subject: Deadline Day!

    We have only have this weekend left to get everyone we know to send in their
    replies. Most of us are members of various ME groups that have over
    1000 members in each group. Please do all you can to get them to do
    this today, this is our chance to have a say in our treatment or
    lack of it. The Dept of Health may accept late entries but they are unable
    to make any promises.

    CBT, GET.. we know this isnt the way for us, demand cooperation from
    your group members, tell them if they cannot spare a few minutes to
    send their emails in today then what right have they to moan about the
    appaling treatment we suffer at the hands of the NHS.

    Stand up for your rights today. Nothing comes from doing nothing let your voice be heard

    Many thanks x


    send to choiceconsultation@dh.gsi.gov.uk

    cc whitepapermechoices@gmail.com

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I submit the following information for inclusion in the white paper
    consultation http://www.stonebird.co.uk/Now%20is%20the%20time.doc ,
    and ask you not to reach any decision regarding provision of choice
    for ME patients without ...fully exploring this evidence.

    Yours sincerely



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    We have just received this reply from the dept of health to confirm the closing date and give us more time to respond

    I confirm that we are receiving the responses with the single cover letter
    and the same CC. Any response up to 23.59 tonight will be recorded as being
    received on the 14th. We are also able to accept responses up to the next
    working day ie Monday as being within time.

    I hope this is helpful

    Choice policy manager

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