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    If you have any kind of gas heat get a carbon monoxide detector that starts reading at one part per million!!!! I have been so sick and I found a old detector that we had and right away it measured 99.

    because we are already sick we might overlook these signs and symptoms.....Severe headache, nausea and/or vomiting, weakness, fatigue, confusion. Of course with severe cases unconsciousness, AND THEN DEATH.

    You might think that you have the flu or are getting sicker with FM/CFS and stay home more, and therefore have more exposure than other family members! Please be aware! Hugs, Tam

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    Thanks...I do think sometimes we forget out the obvious...Hugs Mick!!
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    With the winter coming ths is important, you can also get a detector that detects both C03 and any gas leaks (natural or propane ) at local stores....

    If using a generator due to power outage, make sure it is at leasr 3 feet away from any window or door.

    Suz 45
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    The gas man came and went. He said there was no leak or any measurable co. in the house. The funny thing is is that my detector is no longer measuring any co. either since he left.

    This is a good post for all to read tho since it is that time of the year where we are all using our heat. Please keep bumped for all to be aware. Love and safety to all, Tam
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    We had them out yesterday to check and it was fine but they did give us some awesome tips on the furnace etc.