Urgent care clinic or wait until Monday for dentist appt?

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    I have a tooth that is really painful, throbbing and I have a yuckky taste in my mouth that is making my stomach hurt.

    Four years ago this same tooth flared up on me and my dentist said it was from a root canal that went bad. That work was done in Portland, OR about 10 years before that.

    My dentist wanted me to be seen by a very expensive specialist, but without any insurances there was no way I could have it done. My dentist got me on some antibotics and a week later he drilled into the crown and was able to complete the root canal. And, it has been fine until a couple of days ago.

    I'm thinking that if I go to the urgent care clinc I could at least start get going on some antibotics and get this poisen and pain under control. before my dentist appt Monday afternoon.

    Anyone have any ideas?? Good or bad?? I am afraid of this infection getting really bad.
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    It is a very powerful natural product that can also help with infection in the mouth. I take it internally to get healthy from colds, flu etc. A friend recently had pain from her tooth and nothing was helping. She couldn't get to the dentist for a couple of days. She looked up O of O and used a Qtip to put a drop mixed with olive oil on the gum where it hurt. She said she was amazed at how quickly the pain left. She and I both now use it at night in some water as a mouth rinse. But be prepared.....it tastes awful but a slight burning and awful taste leaves in a few minutes.
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    I've been rinsing my mouth alternating with warm salt water and listerine.

    I took a low dose vicodin and an Advil about every 5 hours seems to be keeping the pain down and also using an ice pack. As long as I don't bend over the pain is ok. When the 5 hour mark rolls around I know it.

    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.


    My fur kid knows I don't feel great so he has been snuggling with me more too. Got to love the woofer!
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    That is so sweet that your dog is hanging out with you. I wish I had some answers for you. I would think it might not be a bad idea to go to urgent care. It sounds like you are in a lot of pain.

    I know this is off topic...do you make beads or jewelry? I love beads!