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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Didoe, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I hope 2CatsLover can help me with a question, if anyone else passes by here and knows cat stuff, please jump in.

    I have 2 males, neutered, one about 13 months/15 lbs and one 10 months and 8 lbs. They knock each other around, the bigger one lay on top of shortie and bites anything soft--neck, tummy until shortie screams--if I come in to see if refereeing is necessary, they both look at me like, WTF?

    But this afternoon I was picking up something from the rug and found a tooth--it was a whole tooth that looked like it had been snapped or broken off. I haven't done an oral exams yet, but I wanted to know if cats at the forementioned ages lose 'baby' teeth?

    I Googled tooth loss and found nothing but dreadful information about cat diseases--both these cats came from a vet who has a hospital and is no-kill; they were thoroughly checked and have their shots etc.

    The only noticeable problem has been shortie's chronic loose bowels and vet said if diet and antibiotic doesnt clear it up, its stress.
    He is very stressed, intimidated but also very attached to the bigger cat, imitating everything the bigger one does and follows him like a shadow.

    Yesterday was manicure day and both had their nails clipped (by me at home). I found Mr. Boo (larger cat) had lost an entire nail down to the quick of his paw; it wasnt infected and the nail tip had begun growing back, but after seeing that and finding the tooth today, I'm concerned the rough housing may be getting too much for both.
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    "Kittens lose their baby teeth!! At three to four months the incisors erupt. Then at four to six months, they lose their canines, premolars and molars. By the time they are seven months old, their adult teeth are fully developed. This is one of the ways a vet (or you) can tell the age of a kitten."

    Could your young cat be a little late? Or, could this tooth have been lost some time ago but just surfaced now?

    Could the nail be from an unfortunate snagging? You know how panicked they get if a nail gets caught.

    Maybe neither has anything to do with cat fights.

    I must confess to being no cat expert - allergies - but can't resist a fellow animal lover's anxiety.

    A Dog Woman
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    Rafiki is right about the baby teeth falling out. But you usually never see them. They either get swallowed or lost in the carpet. Just check his mouth to see that there is no infection there.

    Cats also shed nails. If you trim them regularly, you are less likely to see this happen. It looks like an entire nail, but it's more like a shell of a nail.

    My son once found a small pile of cat nails on his bed, and had no idea what bizarre feline ritual had occurred there. Later, on several occasions, my cat Sally was found lounging on the bed biting all her nails off and laying them in a neat little pile. Mystery solved. When they shed a nail, there is a new one underneath. But sometimes they do get caught and pulled out.

    That whole thing with Boo laying on top of Shortie and biting him is what I referred to in your post "Cat Crisis" on 9/10/08. Boo is establishing his position as pack leader by holding Pee Wee down and biting him till he quits struggling. At first, it is scary for the kitten. But after a few weeks, it's more of a game, or maybe a periodical reminder on Boo's part... "Don't forget, I am STILL the boss around here!"

    With mine, little Frankie cried at first when Scotty pinned and bit him, and would run and hide. After a few weeks, he seemed to enjoy the game, and begun to act tough and play fight back. He never hides now (at 10 months). He is usually the one starting the rumble. When Scotty was the new baby, he got pinned and bitten the same way by Mio. It's the first thing they learn - who's the boss.

    On a similar note, when Scotty was the little one, and Mio (now gone) was the pack leader, I really got the feeling that Mio was training him to fight and defend himself. They would "fight" but Mio would actually act like tiny Scotty had thrown him down, and LET Scotty win. It was hilarious to watch. Once, Scotty rared up on his hind legs, and Mio flipped back a foot or two, and threw himself down hard on his side, (when no actual contact was made.) Then he laid there and let Scotty jump on him and rough him up. Scotty THOUGHT he was a bad ass!

    Mio lived outside most of the time, and wanted Scotty to come out too. He would wait for Scotty as we let him out, (but Scotty is an indoor cat and never got to go.) I think Mio was preparing him for life in the outdoors with his training sessions.

    So even though it looks like they are fighting, there is a lot more going on there. If the kitten wasn't enjoying the game, he would be cowering in a dark corner hiding, instead of following him around imitating his every move.