Urgent for "Benton (Mandy)"

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    You may very well have Costochondritis; however . .

    <b>Call your doctor or go to a hospital's Emergency Department if you have difficulty breathing</b> or any of the following (These are generally not associated with costochondritis):

    1. High fever not responding to fever-reducers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil)

    2. Signs of infection at the tender spot such as pus, redness, increased pain, and swelling

    3. Persistent chest pain of any type associated with nausea, sweating, left arm pain, or any generalized chest pain that is not well localized

    <b>These symptoms can be signs of a heart attack. If you are not sure of your condition, call your doctor or go to the Emergency Department.</b>
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    I didn't see the original post, but this is good advice. I always recommend seeking medical attention for any new symptom. Assuming any symptom is related to our illnesses can be deadly.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you both very much for that, i really appretiate it. It was nice of you to come back to me on that.

    Still having the chest pains but its not too bad thanks.
    Its mainly when i walk around and if i breath in deeply, i get shooting pains in the centre of my chest and get a little breathless. I cant touch the boney part between my boobs at all, its really painful! (sorry for too much info) LOL

    It is scary when you get these new things and as you said, its not always fibro related..I will keep your advice in mind, thanks again. Im gonna rest in front of the comp and slob for the evening..