URGENT: Funding for CFS Institute in Peril-Please Email

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    From Cort Johnson of PhoenixRising:

    Please excuse this intrusion but an alarming situtation has arisen.

    The Nevada CFS Research Center - the first state CFS research Center- and, in fact, the only CFS research center in the U.S. is in peril. We thought funding for the building was assured but last month some Nevada legislators began to raise a stink about 'non-essential' items in the budget, one of which involved funding for build the research center. Although the total funding of these items totalled some $300 million dollars , of which the Nevada Research Center accounted for only $3 million dollars, when the media talked about these projects they invariably referred to the 'Chronic Fatigue Research Center'.

    This center if you have forgotten will have a research component, a treatment center lead by the pioneer CFS physician Dr. Peterson, a tissue bank, as well as an education component for medical students. The HHV-6 Foundation is associated with it and Dr. De Meirleir is reported to be as well.

    The bill for the Center will come up next week. Please use the URL below to provide comments on the bill to Nevada legislators. Even if you are not from Nevada or even from the US please let the Nevada legislature know that this bill is being followed with concern by CFS/ME patients everywhere. We dont have this kind of opportunity often.

    Here is an e-mail from Annette Whittmore - who has lead the charge for the Center. Andrea Whittmore, her daughter has CFS.

    Dear Family and Friends,
    Our bill 316 will be heard not this week but next week.
    The website is:
    _Share your Opinion with the Legislature_


    Type in or choose bill
    AB 316
    and add your comments and vote yes for this bill.

    Please send this to all of your family and friends asking for their
    of this project for you. We need this support to help the legislators
    understand the importance of this bill. Thank you!

    Andrea and Annette whittemore

    You might want to use some of the talking points below:

    More people have CFS than have lung cancer, lupus or multiple sclerosis yet not one publicly funded Center for CFS research exists.

    A recent study estimates CFS costs the US economy 25 billion a year yet the NIH and CDC combined spend less than $10 million on CFS research.

    Build a CFS center in Nevada will not help many people with CFS but will make Nevada the leader in the research and treatment of what Dr Reeves of the CDC has called 'a major health public concern"

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    needs our support! It's really easy to vote "yes" for the funding bill if you go to the website.

    I wish I could vote more than once!

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