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    HELP! I am going out of my mind. I had to quit my teaching job because of all these health problems. I moved from Seattle to Newport Oregon so i could live with my parents and try to get back on my feet. I live with constant headache and back, hip and should/neck pain. I have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and generalized anixety disorder! I take paxil, malic acid, mag., some sort of headache perscription, and to sleep 5-htp and melatonin! I am also on Avandia for the Diabetes.
    I can't afford any of it, and don't feel like I can work.
    Also I currently weigh in at #436 and I just seem to be getting heavier!!!! I need help despretely! Does anybody out there have any ideas? I have tried everything to loose weight and get healthy, but nothing seems to work. Does anybody know anything about applying for Oregon disability or federal? How do you know if you might qualify?
    Please help, Anne
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    I understand what you're feeling, Sweetie! You've done well by finding this site, so just try to relax a little and take this step by step.
    I know your problems had to be severe for you to quit teaching. You won't believe how many teachers and nurses have these illnesses of ours!
    Is your doctor treating your anxiety with one of the MANY meds that cause increased weight gain? Mine did and I put on so much weight after taking them. Be *very* careful what you put into that body of yours, girl. Be smart in your choices. You *don't have to agree to take whatever the doc prescribes.
    Are you receiving benefits from your previous job, such as short/long term disability or 401k or insurance for meds? I was smart enough years ago to use only my husband's insurance from his work and not mine. Now that I am out on medical leave, at least I have insurance that has a great prescription plan. No deductible for meds and low enough co-pays that it doesn't scare me to take some of the higher priced ones such as Mobic for the pain.
    Have you had any diagnostic tests to determine the etiology of your chronic pain, i.e. MRI, scans, x-rays??? These can prove to be lifesaving if/when you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Many people on this site can help you with diet info....I am still not good at that! Food is my ONLY vice and I still look to it for comfort, myself. Are you drinking A LOT of water??? You really need to. I stopped all caffeine and my beloved Diet Cokes a few months ago and it does make me feel better and much less swollen to have that POISON out of my system. I only drink water now and I drink well over a gallon per day. The rule is to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day. This is really good for you and if that's all you do drink, you stop craving all the other junk!
    Can you get along with your parents?
    Do you have a husband or kids?
    Do you have friends to confide in?
    This board can help you learn a lot, plus the support is invaluable!
    Look at the top of this and see the *search messages* box....type in anything you want to know about and all the threads, replies and answers will be right there for you to read. Empower yourself to take control back....You can do this!
    With support and love,
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    Thank you so much for your support!
    When I gave up my job, I gave up all
    insurance and coverage. I don't have anything!
    Just my Paxil alone is $175.99 per month!
    I have applied for the Oregon Health Plan,
    but I have no idea what it will cover. I am
    single and don't have children thank goodness.
    I would hate to put anyone else through this.
    I have just started to drink lots of water.
    And I read on here about sea salt and water
    for sinus headaches, I'm going to try that.
    I have gained a ton of weight since being on Paxil,
    but i can't imagine being without it, I get so anxious!
    I never thought of it possibably causing weight gain.
    I don't even have a doctor right now. I had to leave my good one in Seattle.
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    From your post sounds as if you are under the care of an endocrinologist....is that correct?

    Have you inquired of the indigent prescription program in your area? That may expedite getting medications but as the other person who responded said....don't swallow any pill (medication) with an understanding of what it is trying to effect.

    Was that a typo that you weigh 400 or so pounds? If so that is morbid obesity and any disability atty should get you SSDIB with no question. If you are expected to be disabled for 12 consective months et al. you definately are a candidate for a favorable decision.

    You are educated and will catch onto the ropes pretty quick; let your physician know you are having problems, perhaps his office staff can assist in pointing you in the right direction as far as meds...and even financial assistance.

    The thing to bear in mind is this...you may not get all these things under control in one fell swoop, but one by one you can get things manageable. Prioritize, if possible, then try and complete/make a plan then summon the courage to place one foot in front of the other and start on the road to wellness.

    Check out our "search" on the header. Many topics and discussions and help are found therein. I have been a participant for three years and when I came here I was a total mess and in such mental anguish, pain; I don't know wherein I found the courage to tackle all the problems I had at that time but three years down the road, and still fighting roadblocks, I am closer to "wellville".

    Take a diaphramic breath and make yourself a plan and come here with as many needs as we can provide. Love CactusLil'
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    You poor dear!!! You have so much to deal with right now that you must be completely overwhelmed. I am also in Oregon, but quite a ways from you, down in Drain. Maybe you could call the Fibromyalgia Clinic at OHSU in Portland on their 800 number and get some suggestions on a primary care doctor in Newport. I think that you should be applying for SSDI right away. It takes at least 6 months to get it approved. The person I spoke to at SS had me also apply for SSI, although I make too much retirement to qualify for it. You can apply on line or by telephone. I went in in person and didn't have to wait long at all. I have a 130lb, coal black German Shepherd for a service dog, and I think they were afraid he would eat them. Not my problem. Good luck to you. Maybe some of the others will have some better ideas for you. I hope so.
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    There is an organization call CEAHOW that you can look up on the internet. They have a free program to help with weight loss. My boss has been on it for almost a year and has lost 98lbs.

    Just a suggestion.