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  1. quanked

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    Karinaxx posted a thread on a petition about getting the NIH/FDA study published. It is surprising that there have not been many readings and/OR many signatures. I thought perhaps the thread title was not catchy or urgent enough so I thought I might try something different.

    If CFIDS/TX/DIAGNOSIS concern you it might be worth your time to read the petition and sign if you are so inclined. The link below was kindly posted by glenp.

  2. AuntTammie

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    I would absolutely agree with Aussie's point, except that it has already been peer reviewed, which indicates that it is pretty bullet proof.....and the petition is going to the govt agency that held its publication up; not the people who worked on the study (politics vs science basically)
  3. gapsych

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    I would absolutely jump up and down with joy if XMRV is found. This is obviously speculation, but what if the opposite happens and by rechecking the study they will find XMRV.

    As a scientist, I can only feel this way. If nothing happens after a while then I certainly will sign a petition.

    But it always amazes me that people jump to a conspiracy theory. Even knowing the history of the CDC I think it is prudent that they make sure everything is in order.

    I understand we have been waiting for a long time but do we really want them to rush with shoddy research which treatments may be based on?

    "Statement from Dr. Harvey Alter, transmitted by the NIH Office of Communication and Public Liaison: "Our paper has not yet been accepted for publication. My colleagues and I are conducting additional experiments to ensure that the data are accurate and complete. Our goal is not speed, but scientific accuracy." Harvey Alter, M.D".

    I like that. Accuracy not speed.

  4. skeptik2

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    We must keep attacking in any way we can, and signing the
    petition shows we will not give up the fight, even if we have to
    do it from beds and computers because we can't MARCH!

    Sign the petition, please...

  5. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    I hope and pray she is following this and will soon jump in and
    help us!

    Her voice is important, and I also hope Judy Mikovits will be
    interested in talking to her.

    May her work soon be vindicated!

    Long live Elaine!

  6. spacee

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    but following this. I think she was hurt in an accident years ago.

  7. skeptik2

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    I love envisioning her following this and reveling in her own feelings
    of vindication and feeling our love for her.

  8. hensue

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    Just to let you know I am not being passive. Please sign right or wrong we get the attention to the media.

    Hopefully it is a positive study! and a replication study.

  9. spacee

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    You may have read my thread about Dr. Cheney finally responding to what the heck
    was I positive in 1991 and it was Elaine's work. And, of course, now the whole world
    knows about HTLV II. So while it was devastating to Elaine at the time, at least
    she already has been vindicated.


    I am adding to this late. My test turned out to not be the HTLV II LIKE that
    Elaine found. FYI
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  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thanks for letting us know...you are super!!


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